Rich Hill vs. Crestridge

Friday Night Football

Rich Hill vs Crest Ridge


Last Friday, August 26, the Rich Hill Tigers traveled to Centerview to play against the Crest Ridge Cougars.  It was a tough game and the Tigers came up short falling to the Cougars 33-0.  The leaders in rushing were Ephland (#27)-15 carries for 77 yards, Robb (#4)- 10 carries for 32 yards, Cameron (#24)- 1 carry for 4 yards, and  Pritchett (#20)- 6 carries for -1 yard.Quarterback Josh Robb (#4) passed for10 completions out of 19 attempts for 114 yards,1 interception, and 0 touchdown passes.  The top receivers were; Thompson (#12)- 4 receptions for 55 yards, W.Miller (#88)-2 receptions for 30 yards, and  Beckett (#15)- 4 receptions for 29 yards.  Defensive leaders were Norbury (#56)- 10 solos tackles and 5 assists, Beckett (#15)- 8 solos and 4 assists, Pritchett (#20)- 7 solos and 3 assists, and Cameron (#24)- 5 solos and 2 assists.  Fumble recoveries by Swickhammer (#81), and Bosch (#99).  Rich Hill had 11 first downs, 32 carries for 114 yards total, 114 yards passing total, had 10 completions out of 19 with 1 interception, 4 punts for 25 yards, 7 penalties for 35 yards, and 3 fumbles with 2 losses.  Coach Hudson’s comments about the game were “We have a ways to go, but we did run and throw well at times.  I thought Ephland played well offensively, and there were times when Robb looked very good. The offensive line showed glimpses of ability.

Defensively we played better than I hoped.  We showed some attitude and gang tackling at times, that I wasn’t sure about.  It’s time to get better.”


By:Gavin Steuck (#72)

2011 Volleyball

2011 Rich Hill volleyball season has begun!  The girls have been working very hard and are expecting many wins. Their first game is on Thursday, September 1, at their home gym against Bronaugh.  The coaches and players are hoping for a lot of people to come and support them, along with the rest of the games this season.

The head coach, Stephanie McSperritt, stated, “It’s going to be tough to be at the top of our district, but with our defense and quickness we will make up for it with our lack of height.”  The players seem to agree, they are very confident with their team this year.  Senior captain, Sara Hammett, says, “I think this season will be great.  We are a defensive team and will be expecting a lot of wins.”  Teammate, Ashley Breckenridge (junior), adds, “I think we will be good this season and have good teamwork.  I can see us having a chance at winning districts.” Teammate, Ashlyn Kithcart (sophomore) nods in agreement.

This year the junior varsity is mainly made up of freshman. They had to learn fast but they will continue to improve and do well.  Normally they do not have that many freshman join.  They are lucky to have so many young girls that are eager to play and get better.  Defensive specialist, Madison Wheatley (freshman), says laughing, “Freshman are going to dominate the court.”  Middle hitter, Hayley Kinksick (freshman), adds, “We all get along well, and are gonna play good together.”  Assistant coach, Brodi Miller, commented, “We only have three returning players from last years squad, but we will overcome our inexperience with our team enthusiasm!”

Varsity (from left to right)

Back Row:  Samantha Breckenridge,

Defensive Specialist (Senior),  Ashley

Breckenridge, Middle Hitter (Junior),

Sara Hammett, Outside Hitter/Setter

(Senior; Captain), Traci Stevener, Middle

Hitter (Junior), Jessica Nelson, Setter (Junior)

Front Row:  Ashlyn Kithcart, Outside

Hitter (Sophomore),  Kenda Heckadon,

Outside Hitter (Junior),  Morgan Wheatley,

Libero (Senior; Captian)

Junior Varsity (from left to right)

Back Row:  Bailey King,  Middle Hitter,  Amber

Beckett, Outside Hitter (Sophomore)

Middle Row:  Emily Ward, Setter, Jordan

Wheatley (Captain), Middle Hitter,  Hayley Kinksick,

Middle Hitter,  Lizzie Jennings, Defensive

Specialist (Sophomore), Marriah Seider, Outside

Hitter (Sophomore; Captain)

Front Row:  Madison Wheatley, Libero,

Michaela Norbury, Setter,  Alexis Ephland, Setter,

Whitli Thomas, Defensive Specialist

*All Players that don’t have a grade listed are Freshmen

2011 Volleyball Schedule

9/01  Bronaugh (JV/V) H   5:30

9/06  Golden City (JV/V) A    6:00

9/07  Hume (V) H     5:30

9/08 Jasper (JV/V) A    6:00

9/13 Osceloa (JV/V) A   5:30

9/15 Lakeland (JV/V) A   6:00

9/17 Ash Grove Tourn. A   TBA

9/20 Drexel (JV/V) H    5:30

9/22 Sheldon (JV/V) H   6:00

9/26 Lamar(JV/V) H    6:00

9/27 Appleton City (JV/V) A    5:30

10/01 Jasper Tourn. (V) A    TBA

10/04 Miami (JV/V) H    5:30

10/06 Archie (JV/V) A    5:30

10/11 Adrian (JV/V) A    5:30

10/13 Midway (JV/V) A    5:30

10/15 WEMO Tourn. (V) @Drexel   TBA

10/17 Liberal (JV/V) A    6:00

10/20 Ballard (JV/V) H    6:00

Rich Hill FFA

The Rich Hill FFA is proud to announce that the Rich Hill Chapter now has a website. To visit the FFA page go to the school website (  and click on the bubble that says FFA. The website will have all the dates for FFA activities and include scholarship information as well.

The FFA will be selling mums and poinsettias until September 9th. The FFA is using a new distributor out of Joplin for the mums this year and unlike previous years you will not order a specific color.  Possible colors for the mums are yellow, bronze, lavender, red, or white. Mums will be in a nine-inch pot and will cost $6.00. The poinsettias will be $10 and will be in a 6 and a half-inch pot. The delivery date for the mums is September 30th and the poinsettias are expected to arrive December 2nd.   See a Rich Hill FFA member to place your order.

Kendra Taylor

Football Season is Here!!

Football season is here!  RHHS kicked off the 2011 football season last Friday, August  19, at Adrian.  The Tigers faced the Archie Whirlwinds, the Drexel Bobcats, and the Appleton City Bulldogs.  The team came out of the jamboree with 2 losses and a tie with Appleton City.  Overall, the team did fair.  We interviewed a few players from the team and this is what they have to say:

Jacob Thompson (freshmen #12) : We asked Jacob Thompson how he felt about the team’s play at the Jamboree and he answered, “Good, but we still need improvement. I think this year will be better than last!”

Josh Robb (junior #4) : We asked Josh the same and he answered, “We did good on several things, but other things need work. This year, I predict to win 2 or 3 more games than last.”

Tiger Quarterback - Josh Robb

Trevor Norbury (junior #56) : We asked Trevor about the new coach and how he felt about him.  He replied, “I really like Coach Hudson.  He keeps the energy up at practice and he seems to really know what he is talking about.  I definitely think people should be excited for us this year!”

Dereck Bosch (junior #99) : We asked Dereck how the team is preparing to beat Crestridge this Friday. He says, “We plan to beat them defensively.”  We also asked him about the new coach and Dereck says that the coach is an extremely handsome man!  Good brownie points, Dereck!

Spencer Gould (senior #23) : We also asked Spencer how the team had been preparing for the game this Friday.  He replied, “We have been working hard this week.  The fruits of labor will yield a triumphant win!”

The football game this Friday is in Crestridge at 7:00 pm. We wish the Tigers luck!

Lots of New Faces at RHHS

Mr. Robison – New Industrial Arts Teacher

Mr. Robison is Camera Shy

This morning we interviewed the C.A.D. teacher Mr.Robison. Mr.Robison, age 49, has been married for 26 years to his wife with whom he shares 3 children (One daughter of 26, and two sons, ages 12 and 22.) When asked if he was looking forward  to this school year he replied with “Yes and no, it’s always a challenge to start a new program.” He has taught at many different schools including Sideston, Grandview, Marshville, and Kansas City. He has also been head wrestling coach at all the above schools except Grandview, where he was the assistant coach. Outside of school his hobbies include hunting, fishing, and building custom rifles. That’s Mr. Robison for you.

Krystian Miller and Tony Thomas


Another New Face at RHHS – Mr. McNally


Rich Hill has a new high school math teacher for the 2011-2012 school year, Mr.E.McNally. Mr. McNally most recently taught at Jessie Bethel High School in Vallejo, California. He has 25 years of experience as a teacher. He is 63 years old, married, and has three children. He plans to help the students at Rich Hill to build upon their existing mathematic skills. He hopes to be around for a long time.

-Gavin Steuck

Ms. Kimberly Niffon – Director of Special Education

Kimberly Niffon is Rich Hill High Schools’ new Junior High Special Education Teacher and Director of Special Education.  Born and raised in Louisiana, Missouri Ms. Niffon grew up playing baseball and fishing.  She always loved to read.  She later moved to Bowling Green, Missouri which is where she lived before she came to Rich Hill.  As a child she always thought she wanted to be a lawyer, and that is what she first went to college for.  She started college at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri for her bacholers degree, then she got her Masters degree at South West Baptist in Boliver, Missouri.

She then decided to go to William Woods University. She changed her mind about being a lawyer after being a subsitute teacher for a while.  She says, “I subbed a few times and really liked it.  I thought, ’I could be doing this every day.’”  She started her teaching career as the Director at Louisiana Head Start, in Louisiana, Missouri.  She visited the area and saw that it was a small community and that she liked it.  After asking her what she thought about her classes and students so far, she answers with, “So far, so good.”

Ms. Niffon has one daughter in college.  In her spare time she likes to watch the Cardinals baseball games on T.V. and she likes reading.  The students in her classes seem to like her and enjoy the way she teaches.

Hopefully she’ll be around for a while!


-Ashley Breckenridge and Kenda Heckadon

Amanda Buesing Begins Teaching Career at Rich Hill Elementary

Ms. Amanda Buesing in her classroom

Ms. Buesing is the 4th grade math and homework teacher. This is Ms. Buesing’s first teaching position, as she just graduated from college last spring.  She has been substituting for about two years in the district and has lived in Rich Hill her whole life.  Her mother Natalie is a cook at the school and her sister Breanna is in the 8th grade.  Her interests are babysitting, shopping and she also likes spending time outdoors.  Ever since she was a little girl, Ms. Buesing knew she wanted to be a teacher because she played school and always loved it. She also loves the children that she teaches.