Powderpuff Football Game

Last Friday night Rich Hills FCCLA held a Powder Puff Football game for breast cancer awareness. It was the upperclassmen (Juniors and Seniors) who were called “3 6 Mafia” versus the underclassmen (Freshmen and Sophomores) called “The Rhinos”. The eighth graders that participate in FCCLA were also allowed to play on the two teams. Two were on the underclassmen team and the rest were on the upperclassmen team. All the players seemed to really enjoy the game. The score ended up being 14-8 with the upperclassmen winning!

“It was the most stressful thing ever,” says 3 6 Mafias coach, Spencer Gould. “It was tough keeping everyone happy and giving them plenty of playing time, but it was a fun experience,” says the 3 6 Mafias other coach, Jairus Beckett. “It was seriously so much fun, I want to play more,” says junior, Jessica Nelson. “I was really sore the next day, but it was a lot of fun. I was obviously the best one out there on the line all night,” says senior, Sam Breckenridge. “It was very frustrating, we just needed more work, then we could have won,” says Rhinos coach, Josh Robb. “If we have more games we’ll definitely need more practice, but it was fun to coach,” says the other Rhinos coach, Trevor Norbury. “The outcome wasn’t what I was expecting but it was fun, and for a good cause,” says sophomore, Dee West. “It’s harder than it looks! It was a lot of fun though, I like to be a little aggressive,” says sophomore, Ashlyn Kithcart.

At half time of the game both teams danced to the YMCA song. Two local women who have fought breast cancer, Sue Mellenbruch and Effie Fleischer, who were also recognized and their sons escorted them onto the field. Nearly $2,000 was raised in total between the fundraising done with the volleyball team and the powderpuff game. It was a good night and it was very successful. Thanks to everyone who donated money towards the cause!

-A. Breckenridge and K. Heckadon

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Final Football game of 2011 Season

The Tigers went  to Archie last night, to face the Whirlwinds in their final football game of the season.  As it was a district game a win would of meant that they moved on to the playoffs.  The boys fought hard the whole season and gave it their all, but sadly, this was their final game this year and for some, their final game ever.

The cheerleading squad held a pep rally for the boys at the end of the school day.  Coach Hudson encouraged everyone to come out and watch the game and also encouraged students to recognize the hard word that each player had put into the season even if they did not have a winning record.  The individual talents of the senior boys were also mentioned by Coach Hudson.

The final score of the game was 47-7.  Freshman, Riley Cameron, made the touchdown, and Senior, Spencer Gould earned the extra point.  Everyone was proud of the boys hard work and dedication.  “It was a rough game, but they fought it out to the end.  It was a pleasure being on this team,” says Senior Captain, Jairus Beckett.  “Last night didn’t go like we wanted it to. We got better every week and we have put ourselves in good position to build on next year,” adds Junior Captain, Trevor Norbury.  Good Luck next year boys!

-A. Breckenridge and K. Heckadon

FBLA Haunted House

This year’s Haunted House wasn’t a big financial success, They didn’t achieve the goals they were hoping to get, but everyone had a really good time.  They hope they can raise more money next year.

The rooms that were in the Haunted House were:

        • The Minor’s Room
        • The Nursery
        • The Witch’s Room
        • The Hospital
        • The Maze
        • The Clown Room
        • The Haunted Classroom
        • The Execution Room
        • The Insane Asylum

These are the kid’s reviews who was in or went to the Haunted House:

Austin King:“My favorite room was the execution room.  We didn’t make as much as we were hoping to.  But i enjoyed the Haunted House because we all worked together and had a good time.”

Kadeesha West:“The Haunted House was fun, i think it was one of the best years we’ve had so far.  It wasn’t very scary, but it did make me jump a lot.  My favorite room was the nursery, because Michaela came crawling out of the crib like a creeper!”

Zach Bailey:“It was kind of creepy, because people kept coming out of no where.  I liked the execution room the most.  I was real scared because a guy was chasing me with an axe.”

Breanna Tourtillott:“FBLA’s Haunted House was a blast and a tad bit scary.  I really hate clowns, so the clown room did creep me out.  My favorite room was the nursery because it wasn’t as terrifying as the rest.”

Update to Junior High Tournament in Hume

Because of a change in the number of teams, there has been changes to the bracket for the Hume Tournament.  Rich Hill boys will play Northeast Vernon County on Tuesday, November 8th at 6:15 pm.  If they win this game they will play again on Thursday evening at 8:45.

The junior high girls will have a bye the first round and will play their first game against either Butler or Sheldon on Thursday, November 9th at 7:30 pm.

Third place games will be played on Friday evening of this week and the championship on Saturday, November 12th.

Rich Hill Tiger Football Defeats A.C. Bulldogs

Rich Hill Tigers traveled to Appleton City Friday October 21st for a football game against Appleton City Bulldogs. Tigers played a phenomenal game against Appleton City winning 43 to 13, picking up their second win of the season and their first in district play.
The leaders in rushing yards were Pritchett with 14 carries for 88 yards, Ephland with 15 carries for 80 yards, Cameron with 8 carries for 80 yards and Thompson with 14 carries for 41 yards.  Thompson threw 10 completions out of 16 attempts for 103 yards and no interceptions. Receiving leaders Robb with 5 catches for 37 yards, Cumpton with 4 catches for 52 yards and Bosch with 1 catch for 14 yards. Leaders in tackles were Norbury with 8 solo tackles and 5 assisted tackles, Cameron with 6 solo tackles and 3 assisted tackles and Gilkey with 5 solo tackles and 5 assisted tackles.  Norbury had 1 interception for a10 yard return,and Gould with 1 interception for a 23 yard return.  Pritchett also had 1blocked punt.
Coach Hudson’s comments about the game were; “It was good for our kids to have success. It has been a spell since Rich Hill has won a WEMO game, or a district game.  We mixed the run and pass tonight which allowed us more freedom.  I think Robb and Cumpton are a good dual threat as receivers. While Thompson and Cameron gave Ephland and Pritchett helped and rest in the backfield. But the o-line did a very good job. Without the big uglies you don’t have much. Defensively we finally made some reads and it helped.”

Volleyball Season Coming to An End

Last night, October 25th, was the last night of Class 1 District volleyball.  The first game of the evening  was between the Rich Hill Lady Tigers and the Hume Hornets.  The Lady Tigers came out with a win and advanced to the championship round.  After the Rich Hill/ Hume game, the Liberal Bulldogs and the Sheldon Panthers faced off.  Liberal came out on top and would be moving on to the championship round to face the Lady Tigers.  

In the previous match between Liberal and Rich Hill, the Tigers had came up short, so they came out ready to play.  The first set was a nail-biter with a score of 28-26, Liberal.  Because the Rich Hill Tigers spirits were low, they came out slow and it became too big of a gap to overcome.  The Liberal Bulldogs are the 2011 Class 1 District champs with Rich Hill following along with 2nd place.  “We tried hard the first set and just couldn’t pull it out the second.  This last year was a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing volleyball during my high school career,” say senior, captain Morgan Wheatley.  Ashley Breckenridge also added, “It was really disappointing not winning a tournament this year.  I was really happy though with our performance the first set.  Everyone gave their all.”

The Rich Hill Tigers overall regular season record was 12-3.  They placed fourth in the Ash Grove tournament, third in the Jasper tournament, and second in WEMO.

Three players from the Rich Hill team were chosen for the All-District volleyball team.  They were Ashley Breckenridge, Sara Hammett, and Morgan Wheatley.  Congratulations!


High School Art Room

Tigertalk previously reported on a project going on in Mrs. Klinksicks room.  The high school art classes have been working on a positive/negative project painting the art room walls.  The north wall of the art room has been dividing into multiple squares, and each student gets one to paint.  Students have the freedom to paint whatever they want, as long as it follows the positive/negative theme.

I asked art teacher Stephanie Klinksick what her thoughts on the wall are, she answered with, “Although it is not completely finished yet, I’m happy with it.  I think some students let their creativity flow, and others had a lot of fun with it. I think painting the walls give that art room an atmosphere that promotes creativity.”

Stop by the art room and admire some of RHHS student artwork.

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-Kadeesha West-Persley