FBLA Haunted House

This year’s Haunted House wasn’t a big financial success, They didn’t achieve the goals they were hoping to get, but everyone had a really good time.  They hope they can raise more money next year.

The rooms that were in the Haunted House were:

        • The Minor’s Room
        • The Nursery
        • The Witch’s Room
        • The Hospital
        • The Maze
        • The Clown Room
        • The Haunted Classroom
        • The Execution Room
        • The Insane Asylum

These are the kid’s reviews who was in or went to the Haunted House:

Austin King:“My favorite room was the execution room.  We didn’t make as much as we were hoping to.  But i enjoyed the Haunted House because we all worked together and had a good time.”

Kadeesha West:“The Haunted House was fun, i think it was one of the best years we’ve had so far.  It wasn’t very scary, but it did make me jump a lot.  My favorite room was the nursery, because Michaela came crawling out of the crib like a creeper!”

Zach Bailey:“It was kind of creepy, because people kept coming out of no where.  I liked the execution room the most.  I was real scared because a guy was chasing me with an axe.”

Breanna Tourtillott:“FBLA’s Haunted House was a blast and a tad bit scary.  I really hate clowns, so the clown room did creep me out.  My favorite room was the nursery because it wasn’t as terrifying as the rest.”

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