RHHS Student Council Christmas Assembly

For many years the RHHS Student Council has been hosting a Christmas Assembly as  school winds down for Christmas Vacation.  Student Council invites individuals, classes, and groups to provide entertainment for this annual event.  The Student Council uses this event as an opportunity to raise donations towards the “Community Food Baskets”.  Students names are entered into a drawing for door prizes for each dollar donation they give towards this project.  Donations are brought in by the members of the student council and donated by various businesses.  The class to raise the most money towards this project is rewarded with a pizza party.  The winner this year was the junior class.  Total money raised towards the “Community Food Baskets” was $294.00

Their were numerous musical entries this year who performed for the student body.  Mrs. Curtright directed the chamber choir in a couple of songs and Mrs. Wheatley’s French class performed “Vive le Vent” to the tune of “Jingle Bells.  The two groups who ended up in a close competition for the grand prize entry were  the freshman girls with their number to “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas” and the “sexy seven” with a shortened version of “Oh Christmas Tree”.  “Oh Christmas Tree” came out on top, however, both groups will be invited to share in the pizza luncheon with the junior class.  Check out the video below for highlights from the assembly.

Untitled from Jennifer Wheatley on Vimeo.

Rachel Arnold - soloist in "Silent Night"

"The Sexy Seven"

Freshmen Girls - Hayley Klinksick as Santa

Elementary Christmas Program

A big crowd gathered in the gym this afternoon (December 20th) to watch the elementary Christmas Program.  The show opened with a performance from the 5th grade band followed by the 6th grade band.  Both groups are directed by Mr. Jim Helmig.

Kindergarten through 5th grade joined together to sing “Carriers of the Light”.  Each elementary grade then performed followed two more group performances featuring grades three through five.

Follow the link to below to see some video clips and photos.


From left to right: Michael, C-Nug, Tracy, Andrew.

There’s something new going on in the little town of Rich Hill. Tracy Droz-Tragos, and her crew are in town doing work on a new documentary. Tracy and her partner Andrew Droz-Palermo are starting work on the beginning of their documentary about Rich Hill, they hope to capture the essence of the small town, and what life is like here. Tracy, and Andrew are joined by C-Nug Brown, and Michael Wilson to round out their small crew. C-Nug does audio, and Michael is the assistant cameraman.

Tracy and Andrew’s families are from this area and that is what draws them to Rich Hill. When I asked Tracy what shes hoping to do with this documentary, she answered with, “I hope to capture the soul of the town through the people who live here.” This is one of the first of many visits they plan on making to Rich Hill. They plan to be back in February with the whole crew, Andrew may be back in just a few weeks.

The crew has talked to many subjects in their visit to the school today including; Kadeesha West-Persley, Shadoe Taylor, Ryan Rapp, Allison Bell, Vicky Popplewell, and Mark Kailborne. They also sat in on one of the lunch shifts, and in some classrooms to capture the students in their regular school setting.

-Kadeesha West-Persley

National Guard Comes to Rich Hill

Last Thursday, December 15, a National Guard representative came to Rich Hill’s High School weightlifting class.  He made a few boys do some circuit training, about 15-20 students participated. Circuit training consists of push ups, wide and narrow armed, sit-ups, lunges, flutter kicks, and running for about two to three minutes. Each station is about 30 seconds long, going through the whole thing three times. After they completed this course, the students that participated got a camouflage draw-string backpack and a hat.  Dustin Pritchett was asked what he thought about circuit training.  He replied with, “It was not that hard for me, but I thought it was pretty fun.  I like the backpack and hat I got.”

The National Guard representative will be back in January to test the boys again.


-Ashlyn Kithcart and Kenda Heckadon

Update on the New Wing

For those of you who haven’t been at the school to see how far along the new wing, on the elementary side, has come along, or have been here but haven’t had the time to look at it, here is an update to let you see how it is coming along!  So much has happened since the last post on it.  They got the ground poured, and the frame up, and the walls and ceiling built.  From the outside it looks done, but they still have some work to do on the inside.  They got the work they needed done before the bad weather finished, so they can finish the inside any time.  It looks really nice, and will be a big help to the school once it is finished.

For those of you who didn’t get to see the first post here is some information about the new wing to fill you in on what you missed.

It is located on the North side of the elementary building and will consist of nine rooms.  The rooms will be used for a new art room, band/music room, and two new sixth grade classrooms.  The other rooms haven’t been officially decided on yet.  Bathrooms will also be available in this wing.

Keep checking out our website for more updates and other things going on in the school!

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-Ashley Breckenridge

Sam Bradford Jersey Raffle

Sam Bradford of the St.Louis Rams has been nice enough to donate an autographed jersey for Coach Hudson to raffle off.  The proceeds will go toward the Rich Hill Tigers weight room upstairs above the locker rooms in the gym. To date coach has been to some of the home basketball games to sell chances.  You can buy one chance for one dollar or buy  six chances for five dollars.  The drawing for the jersey will be February 21, 2012.

For the people who don’t know who Sam Bradford is, he was the starting quarterback for Oklahoma from 2007-2010, he won the Heisman Trophy in 2008, was the number 1 overall draft pick in 2010, and is the current quarterback for the St.Louis Rams.

Please support the Tigers weight room plans.

By:Gavin Steuck