FFA Ski-Trip

On January 27, 2012 Rich Hill’s FFA chapter went on a reward ski-trip for selling Pointsettias and Mums.  They left Rich Hill at 8:00 pm and skied from 10:30 pm until about 1:00 am at the Snow Creek Ski Resort in Westin, Missouri.  The fee was $38.00 per person.  Eighteen kids went with 3 chaperones.   Bailey King was the only one with any injuries and it was only a few scratches on her face, and she jammed her thumb.

Do you have any words about the ski-Trip on January 27, 2012?
Jacob Thompson – “It was Fun, I like the water” “Snowboarding is harder than skiing”
Riley Cameron – “Sore, and about broke my ankle.

Distracted Driving Assembly!

The Distracted Driving Assembly was seventh hour during school last Friday, January 27, 2012.  To start off the assembly they showed a slide show that had statistics, facts and awareness about driving.  They then had teachers, Mr. Morgan and Mr. Gillis put on “drunk goggles” that make things appear blurry and spinning as if you were drunk.  Tyler led them around the gym and had different distractions come out in front of them, like Jackson dressed as a deer, the seventh grade boys, a mob of kindergarteners, and the senior boys.  They let different students try different things in them as well.  Some basketball players tried to shoot wearing them, and to play.  The cheerleaders tried to cheer and do cartwheels.  Some students raced and danced.  They all found it difficult doing these activities, that they are used to doing, “under the influence”.  It was a very educational assembly and the week seemed to be a success.  Hopefully all students and teachers are driving a lot more responsibly after being educated on the possibilities of what could happen when driving distracted or without a seatbelt!     


-Kenda Heckadon and Ashley Breckenridge

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RH Tournament Wrap Up!


From left to right: Chase Stout, Kadeesha West-Persley, Dereck Parker. Not pictured: Ashlyn Kithcart.

The 4th Annual Rich Hill Tournament was wrapped on Friday. The KC East boys took first place; Rich Hill took second place; Sheldon third; and Adrian JV finished in fourth place. For the girls Hogan Prep took first; Rich Hill, second; Sheldon third; and KC East fourth place.

Rich Hill senior Chase Stout reached a landmark in his career in Friday nights game. In the first half of the game Chase scored his 1000th career point. The game was stopped and he was awarded with 1000 point ball by Coach Rapp. Congratulations Chase!

The players for the All-Tournamnet teams were announced Friday night. Four Rich Hill players made the teams, two girls, and two boys. They were seniors Dereck Parker, and Chase Stout. Sophomores Kadeesha West-Persly, and Ashlyn Kitchcart.


RH Tournament Update!

The results are in for last nights tournament games. Sheldon girls and Hogan Prep girls stated off the night with the first game. Hogan came out with the win. Following that game was the Adrian JV verses Sheldon boys, Sheldon easily took the lead and finished the game with a win.  The last two games of the night were RH girl and boys both playing KC East. The girls started out fast with a press, and the Tigers quickly took a lead and continued to spread the point margin all night. The Tigers held East to only 9 points in the first half. The final score was 58-15. Ashlyn K. and Kadeesha West-Persley led the Lady Tigers in scoring with 10 points each. The boys game was a different story. KC East came out fast and agressive. They quickly took an easy lead with a tough press finishing the fist half 51-29. The Tigers came out of half time ready to play and ready to make a comeback. They held the Bears to only 10 points in the third quarter and cut the point margin to 61-39. In the fourth quarter the Tigers continued to fight, but it just a little too late. KC East pulled out the win with a final score of 68-57. Chase Stout led the Tigers in scoring with 23 points.

Tonight is the final night of the tournament. The Lady Tigers will be starting off the nights games at 4:30 playing Hogan Prep. They RH boys will follow playing Adrian JV. The last two games of the night will be Sheldon girls and KC East, and Sheldon boy and KC East.

Changes in Basketball Schedule

It has been a fun and exciting season so far this year.  Both teams have done excellent, but the season is slowly coming to an end.  There has been a few changes to the upcoming schedule.  First, there will be no J.V boys game against Miami on the 31st of January (the start time for the varsity girls game will be as scheduled).  Second, there will be a J.V boys game on February 2nd, tipoff for the game is at 5:30.  Third, there are no J.V games against Adrian on the 7th of February.  Lastly the J.V girls game against Lakeland on February 10th has been changed to a J.V boys game.  
By: Gavin Steuck

Distracted Driving Day 4!

Statistics Day! First hour Sam told everyone to look under their seats. If there was a sticky note under your chair you were one out of five that was “hurt in a car accident”. This made it more realistic, looking around your classroom and seeing that one out of every five of your classmates could get hurt in a car accident. At lunch they had you look again and if you were sitting where a sticky note was this time you “died in a car accident”. Hopefully this will open the eyes of all students and prompt them to drive more responsibly and not allow themselves to be distracted. Nobody wants to be that statistic or cause someone else to be. Don’t be distracted while driving! Always pay attention to what your doing and what is going on around you. 

RH Tournament Update!

The RH Tournament will continue tonight. The 4:30 game will be Hogan Prep girls verses Sheldon girls. 6:00 game will be Sheldon boys and Hogan Prep boys. 7:30 will be RH girls and KC East girls. To end the night at 9:00 will be the RH boys and KC East boys. Come out and watch some great basketball, and support the Tigers!