Current Event Magazines!

Mr. Morgan’s two current events classes are making magazines in groups.  Each magazine has an editor and every person in each group has to do at least one article.  Between both classes there are four groups total, all the students have worked really hard to put together a creative magazine.

Group 1:
Dereck B-Politics
Jessica N-Technology
Clayton C-Baseball
Roni H-Music
Traci S-Entertainment
Micheal G-World News
Morgan G-Prom
Josh R-Basketball

Group 2:
Brittany I-Designer Babies
Trevor N-School Play and Baseball
Johnathan M-Sports
Kendra M-News
Haidyn B-Prom
Tyler L-Spring Turkey Season

Group 3:
Nick K-Technology
Andrew C-Sports
Rachel A-Health
Joe B-Music
Laci S-Fashion
Amanda B-Fitness
Josh M-Hunting
Johnny R-Politics

Group 4:
Ashley B-Fashion
Kenda H-Technology
Taylor M-Student Interactment
Cody Y-Coyote Hunting
Dustin P-Fitness
Jackson D-Stem Cells
Kierston P-Music
Katie T-Agriculture
Zack F-Sports

The magazines will be put up in a few weeks for you to vote on your favorite!     

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Lamar Varsity Baseball Tournament


It’s getting to be that time of year again.  The temperature is warming, the trees are starting to bud, and the grass is starting to green up, so it must be getting close to baseball season.  Practices for the upcoming 2012 season have already begun as of Monday the 27th.  It looks to be another good year as the boys will try to duplicate and build on their success of last years season, when they placed second in districts as a first year team.  They have a lot of returning players from the year before, plus some new ones that are Freshmen or ones that transferred to Rich Hill for the school year.

The boys will see their first major action Friday March 16th in the Lamar Tournament.  They will play Liberal at 4:30 that day the bus will leave at 2:30,  then they will play East Newton Saturday March 17th at 1:30 the bus will leave at 11:15.

Tournament rules are as follows: Tie Breakers- head to head, runs against runs for coin toss. Run rule- 10-5, 2 hour time limit. Extra innings- International Tie Breaker (last batter of previous inning starts at 2nd).  The home team will be determined by coin flip before all games.

By: Gavin Steuck

Lady Tigers vs. Lady Vikings in Districts!

Last night, February 28, was the first round of basketball districts.  The Lady Tigers traveled to Archie, MO to play the Lady Lakeland Vikings.  In a previous match up between the Lady Tigers and Lady Vikings, the Tigers had won, but not with ease, so they knew that this would have to be a hard-fought game.  The Lady Tigers started fast out of the gates, but the Vikings would not go down without a fight.  After a hard first half, the Lady Tigers went into half-time with a 5 point lead, 29 to 24.  In the second half, the intensity level stayed the same for the Lady Tigers.  At the end of the third quarter, the Tigers had an 11 point advantage over the Lady Vikings.  In the fourth quarter, the game became a bit more rough, but the Tigers stuck with it and came out with a 23 point win to advance to the second round of districts.  The final score was 65 to 42 with Ashlyn Kithcart leading the team with 25 points and 14 rebounds, Jessica Nelson with 17 points, and Kenda Heckadon with 12.

The Lady Tigers will be playing the Humansville Tigers Wednesday, February 29, at 7:30 p.m.  If the Rich Hill Lady Tigers win this game, they will advance to the championship round.

Good luck Lady Tigers!

Project Prom Dinner!

The After Prom committee is having a dinner before the musical production this year. The play is the “Big Bad Musical” and it is on March 31.  It will be in the high school auditorium.  The dinner will be italian food and it will be served from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.   The performance will start shortly after at 7:00 p.m.  Dinner tickets MUST be purchased in advance.

-Dinner/Play tickets are $10 (Last day to purchase will be March 28)

-Play tickets are $3 (can be purchased in advance or at the door)

Please contact Mrs. Gretchen Wills for reservations at 417-395-4191 (239).

District Basketball

Tonight, February 27, basketball districts will begin at Archie, MO.  In the district, the teams are Archie, Humansville, Rich Hill, Midway, Osceola, Lakeland, and Appleton City.  The Lady Tigers are seated third with a 14-7 record.  They will be playing the Lakeland Vikings tonight at 6:30 p.m.  Previously in the season, the Lady Tigers and Lady Vikings played against each other.  The  Tigers came out with a victory, but not by a large margin.  If the Lady Tigers were to win tonight, they will go on to play February 29 at 7:30 p.m. against the winner of the Humansville-Appleton City match up.  Good luck Lady Tigers!