Caught Reading!…

Caught Reading!!

By:  Audrey Spencer

Rich Hill School District is offering a promotion.  Any child who attends Rich Hill High School or Rich Hill Elementary may be entitled to this promotion.  Whoever gets caught reading, will have their name put in a drawing so they can have the chance to win free books.

Anyone can get caught reading, matter of fact Mrs. Wheatley’s Computer Technology class will be the ones looking for the readers.

Get Caught Reading!

What you have to do:
Every child who gets caught reading gets their picture on the Tiger Talk Blog. His or her name goes into a drawing to win a free paperback book $4.99 or less from the Scholastic BOGO Book Fair, May 7-11, 2012! Winners chosen at random. Odds of winning determined by number of kids caught reading. One winner every day, now through Friday, May 4!
This is a wonderful opportunity, let’s get active and get caught in the act!

Bailey Heckadon

Christina Corriston

Olivia Thornburg

Salym Bolser

Tori Cumpton

Tristin Miller

Noah Smarr

Lane Vunovich & Miranda Dougherty



Garren Steuck & Noah Smarr

State Music – The Results Are In!!

The Rich Hill Music Department sent six qualifying entries to perform at the State Music Festival in Columbia on Friday, April 27th.  All 11 students medaled at state!!

Lexi Nelson – II Rating on a drum solo

Jairus Becket – II Rating on his vocal solo

Rachel Arnold – II Rating on her vocal solo

Jackson Ogburn – II Rating on his vocal solo

SAB I – Jairus Beckett, Trevor Norbury, Lexi Nelson, Amber Beckett, Jara Mumma, and Sarah Hammett – II Rating

TTB I – Geoffrey Cumpton, Jackson Ogburn, Austin Perkey, Jairus Beckett, and Derek Bosch – II Rating

Great Job!!

Prom Night at RHHS

Students at RHHS will be putting on their best for the prom this weekend.  Juniors, Seniors and their dates will be traveling to Deer Creek Country Club for dinner and dancing and then returning to RHHS for the “After Prom” hosted by the parents of the students in the Junior class.

The promenade will be held in the gymnasium and will being at 4:30.

Track Meet at Barstow

Last Friday, April 20, the Varsity track team traveled to Barstow for an early meet. The meet started at 12:40 because Barstow did not have any lights. Due to FFA there were a lot of track members gone. Below are the results:


1st Place:
Pole Vault- Jordann Wheatley 8’0

5th Place:
4X100- Ashley Breckenridge, Jordann Wheatley, Whitli Thomas, and Marriah Seider 57.01
4X200- Ashley Breckenridge, Jordann Wheatley, Marriah Seider, and Whitli Thomas   2:02.76
4X400- Ashley Breckenridge, Jordann Wheatley, Chelsey Martinez, and Allison Steuck   4:51.75
4X800- Ashley Breckenridge, Jordann Wheatley, Chelsey Martinez, and Allison Steuck   12:54.07

6th Place:
Shot Put- Marriah Seider 29’05
Discus- Marriah Seider 73’01
High Jump- Chelsey Martinez  3’10

7th Place:
400m- Lizzie Jennings  3:23.03
Shot Put- Whitli Thomas 73’00


3rd Place:
Pole Vault- Spencer Gould 11’00

4th Place:
4X100- Spencer Gould, Jairus Beckett, Dustin Pritchett, and Jackson Duncan 49.40
4X400- Spencer Gould, Jairus Beckett, Dustin Pritchett, and Austin King  3:50.70

5th Place:
1600M- Austin King 5:21.85

6th Place:
High Jump- Dustin Pritchett 5’04
4X200- Spencer Gould, Jairus Beckett, Dustin Pritchett, and Jackson Duncan 1:42.73

8th Place:
400m- Spencer Gould  58.34

Congratulations to all the members on a job well done! Keep it up!

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Prom tomorrow!

Don’t forget that Rich Hill prom is tomorrow! All students attending need to be at the school at four o’clock. Bring a bag with clothes to change into for after prom. If you haven’t already, please bring your picture forms and money with you to give to Mrs. Bell. The promenade starts at four thirty for those wanting to watch. Pictures will be posted next week!

FFA State Covention

Wednesday April 18th, 11 FFA members loaded a bus for FFA State Convention in Columbia Missouri. On the way to Columbia they stopped by Lakeland and picked up four more FFA members, then proceeded to pick up Mrs. Eldridge in Warrensburg. It would be a long grueling drive from Warrensburg to Columbia, so they stopped at Applebee’s in Warrensburg and had supper along with picking up Ms.Eldridge. While there, one of the students decided to pull a prank on Mr.Gillis the Ag. teacher. The student told the waitress it was Mr.Gillis’ birthday so she brought him out a desert, got the whole restaurant attention and announced that it was his birthday. Afterwards it was a non stop trip to Columbia. Once arriving at Holiday Inn in Columbia we were given room keys, and had a meeting to go over the next day’s schedule.

Thursday was loaded with things to do. the Ento. team consisting of Ashlyn Kithcart, Sam Laughlin, Cheyenne Champlin, and Jackson Ogburn were dropped off at the fairgrounds, Dairy foods consisting of Jacob Thompson, Trevor Delozier, Caleb Skocy, and Riley Cameron were dropped off at the Hearnes Center, along with the voting delegates who were Kendra Taylor, and Gavin Steuck. The delegates sat through the first session which lasted about an hour, before being picked up and dropped off at the hotel to change. After changing the voting delegates, Logan Wheatley, and the Meats team consisting of Traci Stevener, Cody Yarick, Thomas Fleischer and Katie Thornburg went to the mall. While there they met up with the other Rich Hill contest teams that were dropped off there after their contests were over. After hours of shopping we all went back and changed into official dress for the second session. The second session was quite long. Thomas Fleischer, Cody Yarick, and Logan Wheatley all received their proficiency awards. Thomas received proficiency in Dairy, Cody in Refined Fiber Optics and Oil, and Logan ion Poultry. later that night they all had another meeting about the next day, then spent the rest of the night ordering pizza, and doing random things like watching movies or t.v, talking, and other things.

Friday started off early with the Meats team going to contest and Jackson practicing with the State Choir. Everyone else got to sleep in later and were planning to go swimming, but they were unable to swim on account of the pool being closed. Everyone got into official dress, checked out of the hotel, and loaded the bus to go to the Career Show also Jara Mumma arrived. The Career Show was filled with vendors, colleges, and other booths set-up to look at. After the Career Show they got back on the bus to go eat at Stake and Shake or Bob Evans. After lunch they picked up the Meats team and headed for the third session to watch Jackson sing. They left shortly after the choir got finished so they could go to Bass Pro Shop to look around. Some people bought food, hunting supplies, and even games. After Bass Pro it was on to the fourth and final session. During the fourth session they were graced by a sole from Jara Mumma who sang “Little White Church” by Little Big Town. Much later that night Jara and Logan received their State Degree. Afterwards it was back on the bus, on to a gas station to change for the long trip home. Before reaching Rich Hill they dropped Ms. Eldridge off at Warrensburg. They arrived back in Rich Hill around one o’clock in the morning.

The Ento. team placed 22nd out of 47 teams. With Sam placing 50th, Jackson placing 66th, Cheyenne placed 95th, and Ashlyn placed 135th out of 183 other individuals.

Dairy Foods placed 22nd out of 45 teams. Caleb placing 50th, Trevor placing 53rd, Jacob placing 98th, and Riley placing 127th out of 170 other individuals.

The Meats team placed 36th out of 48 teams. Cody placed 123rd, Thomas placed 127th, Traci placed 144th, and Katie placed 176th out of 179 individuals.

By: Gavin Steuck

Baseball and Softball vs. Sheldon Panthers

Last night, Thursday, April 27, the Sheldon Panthers came to Rich Hill to play both a baseball and softball game. The night started off with the baseball game. Previously in the season when these two teams meet, Sheldon handled the Rich Hill Tigers fairly easily. Last night, the Tigers took another hard loss to the Panthers with a final score of 12 to 1. Also, in the first inning, Riley Cameron was fielding a ground ball, the ball hit a rock on the field, and came up and hit him in the nose. He received a broken nose and was taken to the hospital for stitches.
Coach Andula commented about the game and said, “we did not play well, but Sheldon is a very good team and will definitely be seeded number one in districts.”
After the boys’ game, the girls took the field. Previously in the season, Rich Hill had also been beat by Sheldon, 10 to 0. Last night, the Tigers played better against them, but it still was not enough to hold off the Panthers. Sheldon won the game, 7 to 2.
Kadeesha West-Persley was asked about the game. She said, “we played much better defensively, but we still were unable to execute on offense.”