Appleton City Basketball Tournament

The Appleton City Tournament is the week of January 7th-12th. Both your Rich Hill boys & girls are in this tournament. The girls are seeded #2, just behind #1 Montrose. The girls are in pool B with Appleton and N.E.V.C. The Rich Hill boys are seeded #1 with high expectations. The boys are in pool A with Hume and Montrose. For both the boys and the girls, if they win both their pool play games the play in the championship game saturday January 12th. If they lose one and win one they play for 3rd Friday January 11th. If they lose both once again they play Friday but that would be for consolation. Come out and support Rich Hill basketball during the Appleton City Tournament!


Christmas Project

Every year Mrs. Cooper’s 5th grade class creates Christmas cards for their parents. These cards are made in a unique way though. The students are challenged with sewing the designs onto the cards. The resulting design is a Christmas tree. Their creations are a test of skill but also a tough test of patients. I’m sure this tests Mrs. Cooper’s patients as well. The students cards are coming along quite nicely and will be done soon. Bellow are a few of the students cards so far. Hope you enjoy!!

photo(6) photo(5) photo(4) photo(3) photo(7) photo(8) photo(3) photo(2) photo(1) photo photo(9) photo(10)

Final Week!!

Wouldnt it be awesome to see someone from Belton, MO win the X Factor? A city not to far from Rich Hill!! Tate has made it to the Final Three. This week is the last week of X Factor. Tonight the three Finalist will each perform. It is our job to make sure Tate wins! Tomorrow night they will reveal who the winner of the $5 million contract will be. The contestant with the most votes will win. Lets hope that is Tate Stevens (Mrs. Klinksicks brother in law) All you have to do for your part is VOTE! You can call, text, or vote online. Tate and his family appreciate all the support everyone has given!! Lets go Tate! 

Tate Stevens and Family tn_img_034

stephanie and tate

Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Ballard

Your Rich Hill Varsity boys improve their record to 6-2 now with a huge victory over the Ballard Bulldogs Monday night. After the game Cody Yarick said “We did a lot of things the right way. We just need to fix our little mistakes.”
Here is the scoring by Quarters
RH 15   21   17   15  
BA   4     9    12   11
Scoring leaders for the Tigers: Josh Robb 15, Bryant Courter 13, Cody Yarick 11, Geoff Cumpton 9, Jacob Thompson 7, Tyler Little 7, Riley Cameron 4, Jack Duncan 2

Both the J.V. and the Varsity boys squate off against the Sheldon Panthers tomorrow night at Sheldon. Come out and support them as they try to go into Christmas break on a W. The J.V. boys play first at 5:30. Go Tigers!