Parlez-vous francais??

Students in Mrs. Wheatley’s French classes ended the year by producing a short video using some of their speaking and drawing skills.  Their productions can be viewed by following the links below.

Katelynne Woolsey, Michaela Norbury and Dylan Smarr

Madison Wheatley and Hayley Klinksick

Jordann Wheatley and Alexis Ephland

Whitli Thomas

Trevor Delozier and Riley Cameron

Taletha Barger and Kendra Larimore

Dallas Bryson and Justin Arnold

Awards Assembly

It is that long awaited day for both students and teachers; the last day of school.  As per tradition students in the junior high and high school gathered in the gym to hear which students would receive awards for their performance this school year.

Teachers and their awards are as follows:

Mrs. Dawn Breckenridge –

7th Grade Math – Crystal Hillier, Jamie Coppage, Jamison Ogburn, and Kylann Tourtillott

8th Grade Math – Dalen Lewis

Top Study Island – Jacob Oliver

8th Grade Algebra – Serena Duncan and Taylor Brooks

Algebra I – Alexis Ephland, Erica Diehl and Destiny Hillier

Most Improved – Delta Johnson

Mr. Greg Brocka:

Retiring Teacher - Mr. Greg Brocka

Retiring Teacher – Mr. Greg Brocka

Physics – Caleb Skocy, Ashlyn Kithcart, Dee West

9th Grade Science – Bhrett Mumma, Renae Clark, Breanna Buesing, Lucas Breckenridge, and Allison Taylor

Mrs. Katie Curtwright:

JH Choir – Crystal Hillier

Concert Choir – Hannah Bosch

Chamber Choir – Katie Arnold

Mr. Hudson:

Civics – Jamison Ogburn and Kylann Tourtillott

8th Grade History – Taylor Brooks and Serena Duncan

9th Grade American History – Bhrett Mumma and Lucas Breckenridge

Mrs. Droz:

Mrs Droz and Jamison

7th Grade English – Crystal Hillier, Kylann Tourtillott, Jamison Ogburn and Delta Johnson

8th Grade English – Jacob Oliver, Serena Duncan, and Aiden Humble

9th Grade English – Lucas Breckenridge, Breanna Buesing, Bhrett Mumma, Jacob Mumma

Most Improved – D.J. Garrison

Mrs. Bruce:

Accounting – Courtney Kailbourn

Business Communications – Bailey King

Yearbook – Taylor Briscoe and Hannah Henry

HS Keyboarding –

40 wpm – DJ Garrison, Kaleb Fleischer, Shaun Walton, and Bryant Courter

59 wpm – Matthew Starks

7th Grade Keyboarding

40 wpm – Cedric Clark, Blake Kiger, Tyler Arnold

50 wpm – Alec Gray

8th Grade Keyboarding

40 wpm – Jason Courter, Aadin Humble, Peyton Walton, Brendan Ephland, Cheyenne George

50 wpm – Dustin Gray, Hannah Arnold, Mark Kailbourn, and Dalen Lewis

Mr. Brian Gillis:

Ag. Science I – Breanna Buesing

Animal Science – Cheyenne Champlin

Ag. Construction – Hagen Fischer

Ag II – Jacob Thompson

JH Ag – Jason Courter

Greenhouse – Mikayla Fuqua

Mrs. Abby Palmer

7th Grade Outstanding Band Student – Jamison Ogburn

Most Improved – Chris Campbell

8th Grade Outstanding Band Student – Serena Duncan

Most Improved – Tory Reynolds

9th Grade Outstanding Band Student – Lucas Breckenridge

10th Grade Outstanding Band Student – Hannah Bosch

11th Grade Outstanding Band Student – Lexi Nelson

Most Improved High School – Dylan Smarr

Mrs. Stephanie Klinksick

1st Hour – Erica Diehl and Hannah Thompson

7th Grade – Crystal Hillier

8th Grade – Cheyenne George

4th hour – Ashlyn Kithcart, Michaela Norbury, Jordann Wheatley, and Madison Wheatley

Advanced Art – Cheyenne Champlin, Dee West

Art I – Allison Taylor and Taletha Barger

Art Studio – Jenna Tabor and Jacob Thompson

Mr. Paul Brown:

Geometry – Michaela Norbury and Lucas Breckenridge

Algebra II – Caleb Skocy and Cheyenne Champlin

Mr. Larnal Martin:

Biology – Jacob Thompson, Jordann Wheatley, Michaela Norbury

Mr. Lynn Morgan:

Geography – Michaela Norbury and Whitli Thomas

Criminal Justice – Whitli Thomas

World History – Jacob Thompson and Jordann Wheatley

Government – Caleb Skocy and Gavin Steuck

Contemporary Issues – Ashlyn Kithcart and Cheyenne Champlin

Most Improved Student – Dillon Smith

Mrs. Vickie Popplewell:

Child Development – Dee West, Matt Stark, and Chelsey Martinez

FACS I – Renae Clark and Breanna Buesing

JH FACS – Cheyenne George and Serena Duncan

Personal Finance – Ashlyn Kithcart and Karly Bain

Mr. Ryan Rapp:

8th Grade Health – Aiden Humble

8th Grade PE – Mark Kailbourn

7th Grade Health – Alec Gray

7th Grade PE – Cody Bolser

9th Grade PE – Tanner Hughes

Mr. Robison:

7th Grade CAD – Alec Gray

HS Cad- Kyle George

Mrs. Diane Smith:

Health – Cheyenne Champlin and Ashlyn Kithcart / 2nd Semester Jenna Tabor

7th Grade – Allie Schmidt

8th Grade – Serena Duncan

Mr. Brian Thomas

8th Grade Science – Taylor Brooks and Kiersten Baze

Adv. Biology – Jenna Tabor

7th Grade – Jamison Ogburn and Allie Schmidt

7th Grade-5th hour – Kylann Tourtillott and Crystal Hillier

8th Grade – Serena Duncan and Aiden Humble

Mrs. Jennifer Wheatley

French I – Michaela Norbury

French II – Jenna Tabor

French III – Caleb Skocy

Mrs. Gretchen Wills:

Sophomore were recognized for their outstanding scored on the statewide End-of-Course testing in both English and Biology

English II – Riley Cameron, Michaela Norbury, Jacob Rapp, Allison Steuck, Jacob Thompson, Madi Wheatley, and Jordann Wheatley

Classic Literature – Caleb Skocy and Cheyenne Champlin

6th Hour English – Hagen Fischer

Speech Drama and Film – Alex Wills

and lastly Mr. Rotert recognized those students with perfect attendance.  They were Kenton Deems, Dalen Lewis, and Allie Schmidt.

After all the academic type awards had been distributed there was one last challenge…..which class would be the tug of war champs????  It started with a very close match between the juniors and the sophomores.  While it was back and forth for a while, the junior class pulled off the first victory of the day.

The freshmen were then matched up against the 8th graders and won easily.  The 8th grade stayed on the floor only to be beat once again by the 7th graders.

Sophomores pulling

The championship match between the juniors and the freshmen resulted in the underclassmen ruling for the day.  The freshmen were victorious……until they were matched up against the faculty.





Seniors 2013

The Rich Hill R-IV School District held commencement yesterday, Sunday May 19th.  There were 33 members of this year’s graduating class.  Kenda Heckadon was recognized as the valedictorian and Ashley Breckenridge as the salutatorian.

The class video can be viewed through the link on this page.

Girls 4 x 200 – 3rd Place in State and New RHHS Record

Members of the Girl’s RHHS Track traveled to Jefferson City this past Thursday to compete in the Missouri State Track Meet.  Their times and places are given below.
3rd Place

3rd Place

Alli Taylor

Jordann  Relay


Girls 4 x 200 Meter Relay – 3rd Place with a time of 1:50:32 which is a new Rich Hill School Record.  On relay – Allison Taylor, Jordann Wheatley, Whitli Thomas, Traci Stevener
Jordann Pole Vault 7th place
Girls Pole Vault – 7th Place     Jordann Wheatley with a vault of 9′
Other results:
Girls 4 x 100 Meter Relay – 10th with a time of 53.88   Allison Taylor, Jordann Wheatley, Whitli Thomas, Traci Stevener
Girls 4 x 400 Meter Relay – 9th with a time of 4:23:48  Jordann Wheatley, Robin Schapeler, Allison Taylor, Traci Stevener
1600 Meter Run – 12th with a time of 5:54:44  Robin Schapeler

Noelle Abend reaches 1000 A.R. points!

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program that lets students take a quiz over books that they have read. With each test taken you get more points. Each student sets their own goal for points to try and reach, but Noelle went above and beyond her goal.

Noelle Abend is in Mrs. Gayman’s 2nd grade class and she reached the incredible number of 1000 AR points!  The book she read that propelled her the last few points to that 1000 was “The Bridge to Never Land” by Dave Berry. It’s part of her favorite series called “Peter and the Star Catchers” based off the story of Peter Pan.

When asked if she had lofty goals for next year, she just laughed.


Senior Assembly

Today the 2013 seniors of Rich Hill held their senior assembly. First the class started off by reading the senior prophecy. This is just a story based a few years in the future that includes all of the senior class. The is years prophecy was written by Ashley Breckinridge, Trevor Norbury, and Brittany Irwin. After the prophecy was read the class read their wills. These are funny jokes or advice given to the underclassmen or teachers. There were several of these and the school enjoyed hearing them. At the end of the wills a grudge match of tug of war from after prom was held. At after prom the Juniors claim they won the annual tug of war when the rope broke and the red tape luckily landed on their side. Everybody knows it was just the luck of where the rope broke in two, but they claim it as a victory. So during the assembly the seniors challenged them to prove their dominance in tug of war. The Juniors were defeated with ease. After the tug of war the Senior video was shown, with all the Seniors baby pictures and school pictures packed into a 15 minute video. Rich Hill High School wishes the 2013 Senior class farewell and good luck in the future!

Trevor Norbury, Ashley Breckinridge, and Brittany Irwin reading the senior Prophecy.

Trevor Norbury, Ashley Breckinridge, and Brittany Irwin reading the senior Prophecy.

The 2013 Seniors.

The 2013 Seniors.

Senior Spotlight: Laci Shobe

Laci has attended Rich Hill since Kindergarten. She is involved in HOSA through Nevada, which is an organization for nursing. They do blood drives, fundraisers and competitions. Laci has been in Votech for 1 year in the nursing program and has already received her CNA.
Laci says that high school for her was fun and exciting. She plans to further her education at Crowder Community College in Nevada for nursing, which is a 3 year program.
In 10 years she sees herself as an OBGYN Nurse.