A Discussion of “The Screwtape Letters”

The high school book club met this past Friday afternoon to discuss their most recent selection “The Screwtape Letters” written by C.S. Lewis.  This book was highly recommended by senior book club member Caleb Skocy.  It is composed of letters from a devil; Uncle Screwtape who is writing letters to a fellow devil; his nephew Wormwood in an effort to advise him in the proper methods of temptation.

Members of the group agreed that this was not an easy read but most definitely gave them food for thought.  Members found the methods used to lure mankind astray thought provoking.  Of special interest was how some things such as “laughter” could start as harmless and turn into something hurtful.  Ratings varied from 9.7 all the way a lowly 3 on a 10 points scale by the members.

Members enjoyed “Devils Food Cake” and oatmeal cookies.

C.S. Lewis - The Screwtape Letters Book Club Meeting

Singing Alumni

Mrs. Curtright is having the Alumni of the Rich Hill Choral program sing Hallelujah Chorus at the end of this years Christmas program along with the students. Former participants in the Rich Hill Music Program should plan on coming and singing along. The program is December 11th at 7 p.m. Do not forget to remind friends and family members about the program.

JH or HS Choir member, do not forget to bring your props by December 2.

Bake Sale!

The Junior parents are hosting a bake sale 11/27/13 from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. at food fair. They are raising money for the junior/senior prom! They will be selling Thanksgiving sides instead of the traditional goodies. Pretty much everything besides turkey will be there!

Mixed Results at Midway

Last night the Junior High boys and girls traveled to Midway to take on the Vikings in an intense game of basketball.  The games started at 5:30 with the girl’s A-team and the boy’s B-team playing in the two separate gyms. The A-team girls kept the score really close through most of the game, but in the fourth quarter Midway started shooting very well and ended the game with a 4 point lead. The final score of that game was 18-22.

When the A-team boys finally played, they came out full of energy. From the start they were putting points on the board and kept the lead throughout the game. In the third quarter their scoring started to go down, but in the fourth quarter they picked it back up and put up points to greater extend the lead on Midway. The ending score for them was 36-17, making the boys 4-2 for the season so far.

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