Rich Hill’s Streak is Broken

The Rich Hill Tigers played the Midway Vikings in the semi-final round of the Archie Tournament. The tigers came out flat ad the midway Vikings jumped to an early lead and the tigers were able to cut the lead to 5 by the end of the half. At the half the score was 19-24.
The second half was the same result with the Vikings extending their lead to 20 points. The tigers began to go on a run cutting the lead to 8 before the Vikings put it back up to 16. The final score was 59-43

Rich Hill Girls vs. Midway

The Rich Hill Lady Tigers played the Midway Vikings last night in the Archie tournament. The leading scorers of the game were Ashlyn Kithcart and Allie Taylor both had 14 points each following behind them was Dee West-Persley with 13 points.

After coming out very slow the first half the Lady Tigers were able to slowly come back from as much as 12 points down to claim a victory over a nice Midway team. The girls were down by six at half time and by 3 starting the 4th quarter they had strong defense as a team.

The Rich Hill Lady Tigers pulled out win against the Midway Vikings 52 to 44. The Lady Tigers play this Friday at 7:30 against Holden Eagles.

Spring Sports Schedules

Get out your calendars and mark the dates for track meets, baseball and softball games…..but do it pencil in case of a rainy day schedule change.


04/03     at Lamar 4:30 pm

04/04     at Jasper 4:30 pm

04/08    at Archie 4:30 pm

04/11    at Lockwood 4:30 pm

04/14     at Adrian (Double Header) 4:30 pm

04/16     at Hume (with Softball) 4:30 pm

04/23    Lakeland (with Softball) 4:30 pm

04/24     Drexel (with Softball) 4:30 pm

04/29     Osceola 4:30 pm

05/01     Archie 4:30 pm

05/03    College Heights Christian (Double Header) 1:00 pm

05/06    at Drexel 4:30 pm

05/08    Sheldon (Double Header) 4:30 pm

05/12    Montrose w/A.C. 4:30 pm


03/21 – 03/25     Lamar Tiger Classic

04/11 – 04/12     Lakeland Baseball Tournament


03/24     at Sheldon  (Double Header) 4:30 pm

03/26    at Montrose

03/28     Osceola 4:30 pm

04/04     at Lockwood 4:30 pm

04/14     South Holt (Double Header) 4:00 pm

04/16     at Hume (with Baseball) 6:00 pm

04/17     at Lakeland (Double Header) 4:30 pm

04/23     Lakeland (with Baseball) 6:00 pm

04/24     Drexel (with Baseball) 6:30 pm


04/08- 04/10     Rich Hill Invitational

Junior High Track and Field

04/03     at Lockwood with Immanuel Lutheran Junior 1:00 pm

04/07     at Archie 4:00 pm

04/11     at Midway 3:30 pm

04/16     at Midway 3:30 pm

04/24    at Adrian with Ballard 3:30 pm

04/28    at El Dorado Springs 3:00 pm

04/29    at Archie 4:00 pm

Conference Meet

May 5th at Adrian


03/27     at Butler 3:00 pm

03/31     at Archie 4:00 pm

04/03     at Adrian with Ballard 3:30 pm

04/08    at Midway 3:30 pm

04/10     at Adrian with Ballard 3:30 pm

04/11     at Midway (w/Junior High) 3:30 pm

04/15     at Pleasanton High School 3:00 pm

04/22     at Archie 4:00 pm

04/25     at Barstow 12:30 pm

04/28     at Midway 3:30 pm
05/01     at Prairie View High School 3:30 pm

WEMO Conference Meet w/JH

May 5th at Adrian


The Rich Hill Track teams new tent for the 2014 season.