Jamboree – Varsity Basketball

Varsity basketball had the opportunity to show off some of the skills they have been working on In practice the last few weeks at a jamboree in Osceola last night.

Coach Rapp said, “The jamboree was a good experience for us. We were able to get some game experience and find out what we need to work on before the game next Tuesday @ Jasper.” Rich Hill played Osceola and Humansville. Varsity players for the boys were Jacob Thompson, Trevor Delozier, Bryant Courter, Jacob Mumma, Blaine Robb, Cole Heckadon, Mark Kailbourn, Austin Pritchett, and Brendan Ephland

Varsity girls’ coach Lynn Morgan said, “The Lady Tigers used three different defenses in order to prepare for the season opener at Jasper. The girls were solid for practical purposes and played well together. Offensively the girls worked on their various offenses and shooting for early season was acceptable. The most pleasing part offensively was how the girls are working on looking for the open places on the backside and being very unselfish in passing. In the second game of the evening the girls applied a hard pressing defense coming up the floor and were able to force a large amount of turnovers. They jumped out to a large a lead and the starters spent for the most part the rest of the evening on the bench. The younger girls finished up the last two quarters getting some valuable playing time. The younger girls as you would expect were a little on the nervous side but came along nicely to finish winning the final two quarter. All in all it was a good night for the Lady Tigers ”

The first regular season play will be next Tuesday at Jasper.

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