“A Visit from St. Nick”

It’s the Christmas season and teachers are looking for activities in which to keep their students engaged and yet at the same time embrace this special time of year.  The 5th graders in Mrs. Cooper’s and Mrs. Collin’s class have been encouraged to memorize the traditional poem “A Visit from St. Nick” by Clement Moore.  While all students worked at mastering the whole poem there were several who were able to recite it completely by memory.  They share the poem in the video below.

5th graders

Most adults can look back on their education and remember times when they were asked to memorize historical facts, a speech, music, or a poem.  Growth Through Learning cites these reasons why memorization activities are beneficial for students.

There are four reasons why it is important for educators to encourage an appropriate amount of learning by memory:

  1. It is a challenge, and one in which those who succeed can take pride.
  2. It’s good exercise for your brain.
  3. New insights are gained in the process of memorization.
  4. As a society, we simply expect educated citizens to have a core knowledge of certain facts basic to our civilization.

Amy Chua, says in her new book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother: “Tenacious practice, practice, practice is crucial for excellence; rote repetition is underrated in America.”

Good job 5th graders and “Happy Christmas to all”

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