Basketball at Greenfield

Junior Varsity boys started an evening of basketball last night at Greenfield with a victory follow by the Varsity Boys who played their final game before Christmas break last night in Greenfield. The boys won by a score of 75-49. The first half of the game of was tightly contested with both teams playing well on the offensive end of the floor. The Tigers held a small lead of 35-32 at the half. The second half was controlled by the Tigers stifling defense. Greenfield was only able to manage 17 points the entire half. The Tigers on the other hand had a great team effort with four different players scoring in double figures.

The Tigers record is now 6-2 with their next game coming Jan. 5 @ KC Lutheran

Scoring by quarters
RH     16     19     19     21     75
GR     14     18      9       8     49
Scoring by player: Bryant Courter 25, Jacob Thompson 16, Blaine Robb 14, Cole Heckadon 11, Jacob Mumma 6, Dylan Smarr 2, and Trevor Delozier 1.

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