New Technology in the District

There has been a new addition to the available technology in the Rich Hill Elementary.  As part of the funds provided through being a focus school the district has purchased 15 Ipads and will also be acquiring 28 Chromebooks in the coming weeks.

Mrs. Jennifer Wheatley attended the annual METC (Midwest Education Technology Conference) this past week and came back to the district with some ways to implement their use in the classroom.  The 1st and 2nd grade teachers provided some information about the curriculum they have been covering in class that was put into a game format called Kahoot.  Members of Mrs. Cooper’s 5th grade classroom accompanied Mrs. Wheatley to Mrs. Sturdevant’s classroom to assist the younger students with logging in and getting started, but after that they showed off their knowledge of the solar system.

As evidenced by the videos below the students enjoyed the activity and will be looking forward to using the new technology in their classroom.


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