Tiger Pride

RHTigerTalk received this note from Mr. Heath Heckadon today.  Thanks for sharing.

I have always been a Tiger fan whether it’s been football, volleyball, or basketball. I started attending games before I was in Kindergarten and can honestly say I didn’t miss many games growing up.

After watching the games as a young boy, I would go home and play Nerf basketball in my room, pretending that I was playing for the Tigers. My mom and dad would yell at me to go bed, but I was always too excited from the game to sleep.

What I am witnessing now is the type of camaraderie that I saw in the past.   Since I have returned to town, I have seen the pride of Rich Hill sports grow with every event that happens. Players, parents, and students alike have all come together for a common cause.  What a great day to be a TIGER!

Kudos to the student body and cheer team for their support and involvement in our enthusiasm and pride. What a magical moment!

One of the best parts for me was watching the players and coaches. You could just see in their faces that they were thinking, “Our student body is really bringing it tonight.”

Just UNBELIEVABLE! Keep up the great work and don’t forget to support all of the teams. Congrats to Coach Rapp and the Rich Hill Tigers for the great success they are having. Now let’s all show up again and be a Tiger family for this great school we have.


Heath Heckadon,

1996 Graduate

Look at all the blue!

Look at all the blue!

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