Blind Taste Testing

The students in English II are doing a unit over non-fiction reading and report writing. The students have been using The Consumer Report magazine as a resource. After reading various articles and studying the testing process, the students did their own testing.

Students were put into groups and were able to choose what product to test. They had to determine the testing criteria and rating system. Products tested were Root Beer, Chocolate Chip cookies, potato chips, yogurt, and cheesy crackers. Testing was done as a blind-taste test to keep any preconceived ideas towards certain brands.

After discussing results and keeping track of information, the groups will put their findings into a written report as well as a powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint will be presented to the class.

Several groups were surprised to find the off-brands sometimes rated higher than the expensive name brands. 

Hopefully after the completion of this unit, students will see the value of product research and become better consumers.

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