WEMO Softball Tournament

On March 20-21 the WEMO Softball was held at the Adrian ball fields.  The Lady Tigers faced the always strong Osceola Indians in the first game.  A case of nerves hit the young Lady Tigers and resulted in several errors and a loss.  Immediately after playing Osceola the girls turned around and played the Drexel Bobcats.  This was a much stronger showing for the Tigers, but also resulted in a loss.

Early Saturday morning the Lady Tigers faced the Adrian Blackhawks and quickly fell behind due to very strong offensive play from the Blackhawks.  The last game of the day was with the Archie Whirlwinds.  This was the best performance overall of the tournament for the Lady Tigers but unfortunately resulted in a win for Archie.

Coach Diane Smith says that the girls improved with each game and she is confident that they will continue to do so throughout the season.

The 2015 Tiger Softball teams consists of-

Seniors:  Michaela Norbury, Hailey Klinksick, Alexus Smith

Juniors:  Erica Diehl, Hannah Thompson, Breanna Tourtillott

Sophomore:  Jamie Main

Freshman:  Kylann Tourtillott, Jamie Coppage, Allie Schmitt, Megan Heckadon, Delta Johnson

Team Manager:  Shelby Gould

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