Plant Propagation Class

Mr. Brian Gillis is hosting a night to get out and learn a little about adult plant propagation in the Rich Hill Agriculture Classroom.  The topics to be covered are; stem tip cutting, stem section cutting, leaf section cutting, air layering and Elderberry propagation.

The event will be held on Tuesday, April 28th from 5-7 pm.  The FFA greenhouse will be open for business following the class.

Participants will take home Coleus, Wandering Jew, Cordyline, Mother-in-Laws Tongue, and Elderberry.  The only cost is an empty 2 liter pop bottle that each person should bring.

Contact: Brian Gillis at or 417-395-4191

Schedule of Events:

Introduction of Instructors

-Basic Information about propagation and handouts from University of Missouri Extension

Topic #1

-Coleus/Wandering Jew (Stem tip, Stem Section Cuttings in Dixie cups in plastic bags and wick irrigation pop bottle)

Topic #2

-Mother-In-Laws Tongue (Leaf Section Cutting also in plastic bag)

Topic #3

-Elderberry (Patricia Miller University of Missouri Extension)

Topic #4

-Cordyline (Airlayering)

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