Rich Hill FFA Banquet

The Rich Hill Chapter of the FFA held their annual banquet on Friday, May 1st at 6:30 in the gymnasium and cafeteria.  Attendees enjoyed a meal provided by the FFA Boosters with desserts from individual members.

Following the meal high school principal David Rotert welcomed the guests.  Mr. Brian Gillis recognized various members of the community who help with the FFA and Luke Tourtillott was named an honorary member of the Rich Hill FFA.

Awards were given to the following:

Greenhand Degrees – 26 members including Cody Bolser, Sabin Bolser, Alan Clark, Shonasea Cowhick, Kenton Deems, Jennifer Doty, Kinady Fischer, Alec Gray, Wyatt Hammett, Chrystel Hillier, Aadin Humble, Delta Johnson, Dalton Keller, Vannetta Keller, Blake Kiger, Nate Kithcart, Jerry Lakey, Rachel Long, Zach Looney, Bailey Miller, Jamison Ogburn, Kimberly Pilcher, Michael Scrivener, Dalton Smarr, Kylann Tourtillott, and Jozelynn West.

IMG_7967 IMG_7966 IMG_7970 IMG_7969 IMG_7968

Dekalb Award – Jacob Rapp


State Farmer Degrees – Riley Cameron, Jacob Rapp, and Hayley Klinksick


Star Greenhand – Kylann Tourtillott


The FFA Booster Club announced that they would be giving scholarships to each of the senior members of the FFA.


Elmer Miller Horticultural Grant – Brendan Ephland and Robin Schapeler


Contest teams were recognized.  Dairy Food (Gold in Districts, Silver in State)  Kylann Tourtillott (high individual) Jennifer Doty, Brendan Ephland, Kearston BazeIMG_7997

Entomology -(Gold in District, Silver in State) Ryan Brown (high individual) Daniel Brown, Jason Courter, Taylor Brooks


Floriculture (Bronze in District) Renae Clark (high individual) Allison Taylor, Breanna Buesing, Mackenzie Yarick


Meats (Gold in District, Silver in State) Kaleb Fleischer (high individual) Jacob Mumma John Scrivener, Destiny Hillier


Nursery – (Silver in District) Madi Wheatley (high individual) Hayley Klinksick, Allison Steuck, Shelby Gould

IMG_8001Poultry – (Bronze in District) McCrae Klinksick (high Individual) Bryant Courter, Dexter Hammett

Soils (Gold in Districts – Silver in State) Trevor Delozier (high individual) Riley Cameron, Jacob Thompson, Jacob Rapp


FFA Knowledge (bronze in Area) Jamison Ogburn (high individual) Nate Kithcart, Michael Scrivener, Chrystel Hillier


Trapshooting Team – Jacob Rapp, Riley Cameron, Jacob Mumma, Trevor Delozier, Bryant Courter


Officers for the 2015-2016 school year were installed.  Breanna Buesing is the new president, Jacob Mumma – vice president, Kylann Tourtillott – Secretary, Taylor Brooks – Treasurer, Mackenzie Yarick – Reporter, Jamison Ogburn – Sentinel, KJ Wright – Chaplain, Robin Schapeler – Historian, Renae Clark – Parlimentarian.

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