Extemporé – Top Place Finishes

Five teams from Rich Hill Elementary took a trip to the Raymore-Peculiar High School this past Saturday (May 2nd) to compete in the state wide Extemporé competition.  Extemporé is a creative problem solving competition.   The theme this year was “Can’t See the Forest For the Trees” and focused on problem solving techniques.

The competition involves multiple components.  After spending time in the classroom covering the curriculum students choose one of four arenas and compose a short five minute skit meeting certain requirements.  The day of the competition they have 30 minutes to incorporate multiple changes into their skit prior to their performance.  The teams receives points for this performance as well as three other challenges that require them to use their problem solving skills.

In addition there is a Scholar Bowl competition which covers information from the unit. This year Rich Hill’s students in the Division I portion came home with the first place trophy.  The three students making up the scholar bowl team were 4th grader Noelle Abend and 5th graders Tisha Mackey and Katie Tourtillott.

Noelle - ready to show her knowledge

Noelle – ready to show her knowledge

1st Place Scholar Bowl Tisha Mackey, Katie Tourtillott, and Noelle Abend

The team from 3rd grade was also recognized at the awards assembly for their 3rd place finishing in Engineering Feats.  Their challenge was to compose a skit that included an absentminded inventor, a “braggart”, an annoying duck, a team made invention that was already in existence, and another team made invention made from duct tape.  They learned a little about circuits while making two versions of flashlight……one of which had a body made from duct tape.


3rd Grade - 3rd place in Engineering Feats

3rd Grade – 3rd place in Engineering Feats Kyla Couzens, Trinity Burris, Kyra Willet, Daylen Black and Izetta Persons

Rich Hill also sent a team from 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade who competed at the division I level and a 6th grade team who competed in the division II level.  When the groups are not involved in a team challenge they can compete in “Thinkers Hall” games that include chess, checker, and mancala.


2nd Grade – Dillon Coonce, Izzy Swope, Lanie Phelps, Morissa Green


6th Grade – Bryce Yohe, Aiden Baker, Miranda Dougherty, Hailey Dean

Time for an

Time for an “AHA”


Josie Dougherty, Daniel Bridgewater, Kierlyn Rebman, and Noelle Abend

Gathered for the awards assembly

Gathered for the awards assembly

Mrs. Jennifer Wheatley is the coach for this group and she says what makes this day possible is the willingness of parents and grandparents who give up their Saturday to volunteer as judges and to accompany the teams during the day.

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