Homecoming Game – Coach Wolfe’s Report

The RHHS football boys have been struggling for the first win of the season and finally got it with their defeat of the Drexel Bobcats on Homecoming Night.
Coach Wolfe was also excited for the win and had the following to say:
“Getting turnovers, and the time off possession that it gave us were a major factor in our ability to control the game and get the win.”
“Our motto has been ‘Play hard, Play Smart’ since camp this summer. We have been playing hard fro several weeks, tonightwe played smart too.”
“Getting the first win for our guys, especially on home coming was awesome! We had a great practice week and it paid off.”
Big plays of the game and scoring –
1st quarter Bryant Courter scrambles for 25 yards.

After a long drive in the 1st quarter Bryant Courter scored from 6 yards out on a run which was followed by a extra point kick by Myles Becker.

Rich Hill then kicked off to the Bobcats which they returned with a long run and scored a few plays later.  The Bobcats scored 2 points and the Tigers were down 7-8 at this point.
On the next possession Tigers end up punting deep into Bobcat territory. The Bobcats drive the ball back inside the Tiger 35 where the Tigers were able to hold the Bobcats on the 4th down and get the ball back.
On this possession in the 2nd quarter Bryant Courter passes to Kyle George on a broken play up the sideline for 26 yards.
The Tigers later throw an interception on the 35 yard line but on the first defensive play Myles Becker strips the ball and Ryan Malone recovers giving possession right back to the Tiger offense.
The Tigers sustain a drive that has a nice Bryant Courter 23 yard gain on a QB counter. Tigers then score when Bryant Courter scrambles from the 4 yard line and dives over the defender, flipping and landing on his feet in the end zone.
The Tigers make the 2 point conversion on a Bryant Courter scramble and are up 15-8.
Tigers kick off and cover the kick much better. Bobcats first play is an attempted pass that Jacob Mumma intercepts.
The drive stalls out and Tigers line up to punt. Bryant Courter realizes we have Alec Grey uncovered at wide receiver and the defensive man assigned to him is not hustling to get in position, so he calls for the fake and passes the ball out to Alec who advances it for a first down.
On the very next play Aadin Humble takes a handoff 46 yards for a touch down!
Tigers miss the extra point kick. At this point the Tigers are up 22-8.
Right before half the Tigers score on a long pass play and get the 2 point conversion.
Second half starts with a Tiger kick off. After several plays, Ryan Malone has a big tackle for a 6 yard loss on 3rd down and this forces Bobcats to punt.
Tigers start the drive on the 10 yard line and a flare pass to Kyle George moves the Tigers out to the 22nd. A couple of runs by Kyle George, Aadin Humble, andBryant Courter move the Tigers out to the 41 yard line. There Bryant Courter hits Aadin Humble on a quick pass in the slot which he takes 59 yards to the house! Tigers miss the extra point kick and are up 28-16.
After a short kick, Tigers have good field position and end up scoring and get the 2 point conversion. Tigers are up 28-24.
The Bobcats return a short kick and Tigers get the ball at mid-field. A few plays later Bryant Courter goes 51 yards on a QB counter.
With the score now 34-24, and the fact that Tigers had missed a couple extra point attempts led Tigers to execute a fake that results in 2 points on a Myles Becker run. Tigers are up 36-24.
Tigers kick off again and run a few plays.  McCrae Klinksick recovers a fumble on the 47 yard line.
A 17 yard strike from Bryant Courter to Kyle George moves the ball deep into the end of the field. The drive stalls in the 4th quarter and Tigers turn it over on downs.
Bobcats  attempt a pass on the first play that Kyle George intercepts and runs back ten yards giving great field position.
Unfortunately, the Tigers do not capitalize on this and again turn it over on downs.
After a long drive by Drexel, an interception by Dalen Lewis in the end zone results in a touchback on the 20.
A penalty moves the Tigers back to the 15, but Bryant Courter then takes another QB counter 85 yards for a touch down!
Myles Becker kicks for 1 on the extra point.
Score is 43-24 in favor of the Rich Hill Tigers
The last 3:40 seconds was not without some excitement.
Bobcats attempted another pass on the first play and this time Alec Gray was there to intercept the pass.
After 3 plays the Tigers line up as if to go for it on 4th and short, instead Bryant executes a quick kick that rolls down to their 10 yard line. A 58 yard punt with no return.
On third down, with the ball on the 18, the Bobcat quarterback drops back and launches a Hail Mary pass that is tipped by Bryant Courter and caught by their receiver. He gets way down the field before being caught from behind by Aadin Humble and run out of bounds.
On the next play Bryant Courter does get the interception and after a few yards running takes a knee on the field thus ending the game.
“This was a fantastic defensive display. We have been so close to playing like this the last couple games that its nice to see it come together like this.”
Also had tackles: Solo / Assist
Kyle George – 3 / 2
Bryant Courter – 6 / 2
Alec Gray 4 / 1
McCrae Klinksick 2 / 3
Jacob Mumma 6 / 5
Myles Becker 1 / 3

New Royalty in Town

Friday night marked the first victory of the season for the Rich Hill Tiger Varsity Football in the Homecoming game against the Drexel Bobcats.  In the halftime festivities 8th grader Destiny Long was crowned the 2015 Homecoming Princess and Senior Robin Schapeler was crowned the 2015 Homecoming Queen.

The Tigers will make the trip to Midway this Friday night to take on the Vikings.

A few of the younger Tiger Fans

A few of the younger Tiger Fans

7th Grade Princess Candidate - Madison Klinksick

7th Grade Princess Candidate – Madison Klinksick who was escorted by Bryce Yohe

Retiring Princess and Queen - Mackenzie and Jordann Wheatley

Retiring Princess and Queen – Mackenzie and Jordann Wheatley

Freshman Candidate - Krissy Miller

Freshman Candidate – Krissy Miller who was escorted by Taron Mumma

8th grade candidate - Destiny Long

8th grade candidate – Destiny Long who was escorted by Brady Querry

Senior Candidate - Robin Schapeler

Senior Candidate – Robin Schapeler who was escorted by Zeke Doty

Sophomore Candidate - Katie Malone

Sophomore Candidate – Katie Malone who was escorted by Alec Gray

Junior Candidate - Jamie Main

Junior Candidate – Jamie Main who was escorted by Myles Becker

2015 Princess - Destiny Long 2016 Queen - Robin Schapeler

2015 Princess – Destiny Long
2016 Queen – Robin Schapeler

Future Cheerleaders

Each year the varsity cheer team sponsors a week of fun practicing cheers and a dance routine for interested elementary students.  The forms are going home with students today and will need to be returned with payment by October 1st.  The cost will be $30 for the first child and $20 for any additional participant from the same household.  The cost includes the camp, a t-shirt, and pom-poms.

Camp will be October 6-8 with a performance at the football game on October 9th.

Football Changes

Just a reminder that the football games scheduled for Sept. 28 (tonight) vs. Drexel has been cancelled. Drexel cancelled both of the games because they did not have enough players.
There is also a change to the final JH football game of the season vs. Archie.  It will be a HOME game and the date will be October 13th. The JV football team will still be traveling to Archie on the 12th. Bus time for the JV night will be 5:00 P.M.

Progress on Building Project

A truck pulled up outside the construction site last week with the materials to complete the gym floor in the new building and over the weekend concrete was poured in the parking lot.

Several readers of the RHTigerTalk blog took advantage of an opportunity to vote for their choice of logo for the center of the floor.  The winner of that survey was the “Blue Tiger” by 20 votes.  Keep reading to be informed of the  first opportunity to attend an event in the new building.  gym floorCourt_Blue Tiger 2

Basketball Conditioning

High School boys and girls (not playing volleyball and football) will begin pre-season basketball conditioning on October 19th immediately after school in the gym. Coaches highly recommend that those students not participating in fall sports should take advantage of this conditioning opportunity to prepare for the basketball season.

The first day of official practice is November 2nd. All athletes must have a valid physical on file to participate in official practices.