Veteran’s Day Project


Hannah White, Tisha Mackey, Sydney Bell, Lexi Fuqua, Katie Tourtillott, Carlie Wethington, and Lydia Fox (not pictured Noelle Abend)

Mrs. Jennifer Wheatley and Mr. Doug Abend were in search of a group to work as research assistants, journalists, and reporters for a project involving veterans and Veteran’s Day.  After asking around for possible participants it was suggested to invite all of the students who chose to run for Elementary Student Council as they had demonstrated a desire to participate in an organization outside of the classroom.

The students who decided to participate are working on two different projects.  The first involves the annual Veteran’s Day Assembly and the video featuring local veterans.  The new video will be titled, “Our Veterans” and feature students introducing their family members and friends who have been part of the armed forces.

To complete this project the students are asking for photos of local veterans with the information about their branch of service, time of service, and of course the student or students who will be introducing them should also have the information about their relation to the veteran.  Mrs. Wheatley should have photos of veterans that were featured in the video last year (2014).  Please contact her at  if you would like to check or call the school at (417) 395-4191.  The videos below give a “rough” idea of the group’s vision for the project.


Please check this  ” List of Veterans with Pictures ” to view the names of the veterans that the group has photos of from previous years.
The second and more long-term project is a search for veterans who would like to participate in the “Veterans History Project”  which is a project of the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress.  In order for this interview and information to meet the guidelines of the Library of Congress the submission must include;

1.  A 30 minute interview with a veteran who served during wartime (audio or audio/video

2.  At least 10 original photographs (High quality copies will be made for the veterans to replace the originals)

3.  At least 20 pages of memoirs contributed by the veteran (students will be willing to help compose these memoirs using information from the interview)

Several members of the group visited with members of the local American Legion on Thursday evening, October 8th to describe the project and to see if there would be local veterans who would possibly be interested in being part of this project.


Several members provided the group with their contact information and suggested others who might also be possible participants.  Further information about the project can be found at Veterans History Project

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