Girl’s Basketball Season Comes to an End

The Rich Hill Lady Tigers  completed their season this week in the second round of the District 13 play offs. The girls competed against the number one seeded Jasper Eagles. The Lady Tigers showed that they came ready to play with strong defense and at times made the number one seed wonder if they had taken the Lady Tigers a little too lightly. As strong as the defense was the offense seemed to struggle to find any stride in the game. At half the score was Jasper 26-13. In the third quarter the Tigers held their own and outscored the Eagles by 2 but still trailed 26-37. Fatigue set in and the Eagles went on a scoring run tat the Lady Tigers could not get stopped and the final score was Jasper 65 Rich Hill 38.

As disappointing as it was to see the season come to an end the girls have accomplished many things during the season. The Final Record was 18-9 and the conference record was 4-3 placing them in the top half of the conference. The team took 1st place in the Appleton City Tournament, 3rd place in the WEMO and Archie Tournaments. Senior Allie Taylor scored her 1000th point. During the season they also had a nine game winning streak. The thirteen girls who started the season also completed the season as a unit.

The Coaching staff of Coach Morgan and Coach Smith would like to thank all of their players for all the time and effort put in for making this a successful season. The coaches would also like to thank the administration for all of their support, the custodial staff for making sure our facilities were alway clean, and a special thank you to Dolly Burris for helping wash our uniforms and keeping them looking nice.  Thank you also to the fans for all their support and their positive influence on the team.   Thanks to the parents for the support. This includes, of course, the time parents have sacrificed to get athletes to practice and games and the expenses involved in supporting student athletes.  One last thank you from the coaching staff to the Rich Hill community for voting to provide a new facility that will provide not only a community tornado shelter but also a venue that they are very proud to share with fellow competitors.

Scoring for the Tigers: Allie Taylor 16, Taylor Brooks10, Jenn Doty 6, Taylor Coonce 4, and Kylann Tourtillot and Delta Johnson with one each.
Rebounding Allie Taylor 14, Taylor Brooks 10, and Jenn Doty and Taylor Coonce with 7 each.

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