Silly Socks to Show They Care

Students at Rich Hill sported some silly socks today to show their support to school superintendent, Mr. Jeff Blackford and his family.  Mr. Blackford’s granddaughter is fighting cancer at St. Jude’s at this time.  Students wearing silly socks made a donation to the family in her honor.  The family plans to purchase a rocking chair to leave as a donation for other families to use at St. Jude’s.  Donations totaled $545 from caring students and staff.

Winners were selected from each grade level in the elementary and they were:


K = Abby M & Kia P

1 = Bella, LeeAnna B, Gayvn, & Wyatt

2 = Remington T, Preston T, & Lilly S

3 = Abby M

4 = Sydney R & Kirsten H

5 = Clare K & Taygan C

6 = Katie T & Tisha M


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