Post-Season Honors

The all district and all conference teams have been released and both the girls’ and boys’ teams found representations on both lists.

On the girls side Allie Taylor was voted onto the all-district team by the district coaches. Three member of the boy’s team were voted to the all district team and they were Bryant Courter, Blaine Robb and Cole Heckadon. Congratulations to those Players.

In the all conference balloting on Sunday the Tigers again found good representation on both teams. On the boys side those who received the 1st team all-conference honor  were Bryant Courter and Blaine Robb. Making second team was Cole Heckadon and Jacob Mumma was voted to all-conference honorable mention. On the girls’ side Allie Taylor was voted all conference 1st team and freshman Taylor Coonce was voted all conference honorable mention. Congratulation to all those who made the team and to their teammates who help them achieve these honors.

Cole Heckadon


Allison Taylor


Bryant Courter


Taylor Coonce


Jacob Mumma


Blaine Robb

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