Career Day

Rich Hill students had the opportunity to hear about a variety of careers this morning from  working professionals who gave up their morning to share their experiences in their field and some of the education necessary.  It was an informative way for students to spend their last day before Spring Break.

Belinda Schapeler shared information about her work as a vet. tech. and her experience training Border Collies


Law Enforcement – Members of the local law enforcement community shared information about theirs jobs and the necessary training


Finance – Tyler Black from Security Bank spoke to students about the banking industry


Engineering – Shawn Breckenridge shared information about the different opportunities available in the field of engineering


Law – Bill Thompson spoke about working for a law firm


Manufacturing:  Mr. Bruce shared information about working at 3-M


Vocational – Mr. Ray Drake spoke to students about opportunities in the vocational arts


Retail – Nathalie Hoeper and Jara Mumma spoke to students about working in the retail field


Farming – David Yarrick shared information about the life of a farmer and his family’s farming operation


Health Sciences – Heidi Tourtillott, Misty Tourtillott, and Carla spoke to students about a variety of occupations in the health science field


Welding – A representative from the Missouri Welding Institute Incorporated presented information about careers in welding


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