Rich Hill vs. Drexel

Even though the district was out of school due to a lack of water the baseball and softball teams made a trip to Drexel for games  This was a scheduled home game that was changed due to the water situation.  The away game later on the schedule will now be played at home.
The girls played the most complete game of the season so far, but still lost in a close one with a final score of 4-5.

Allie Schmitt pitched a very good game.  Taylor Coonce stole several bases during the game, but came up short on her last attempt. Erica Diehl made a nice throw into second base from center field and Kylann Tourtillott made some nice stops at third base. Coach Smith says that the teams continues to improve with each game.
Baseball got a win at Drexel with a final score of 12-5.
Both teams are on the road to Jasper this afternoon. (April 1st)

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