Adrian Track Meet Results

Results from March 31st meet at Adrian.

Boys shot– Myles Becker 4th

Boys discus– Myles Becker 3rd

Boys triple– Bryant Courter 1st

Querry 3rd

Girls Triple– Serena 3rd

Girls long

Alli Taylor 2nd

Serena Duncan 4th

Boys long

B. Courter 1st

 Boys High Jump

B. Courter 1st

 Pole vault

Dustin Gray 5th

J. Courter 6th

Girls Javelin

Alli Taylor 5th

Boys 4×800– J. Scrivener, Malone, Brown, Breckenridge. 4th

Boys 110m hurdles

J. Courter 4th

Girls 100m

Alli Taylor 4th

 Boys 100m

Aadin Humble 2nd

Boys 4×200

Querry, Robb, J. Courter, D. Gray. 6th

 Boys 1600

Kyle George 4th

Boys 4×100

D. Gray, B. Courter, Querry, Humble. 1st

 Boys 400

Aadin Humble 1st


 Girls 200

Alli Taylor 1st

 Boys 200

Aadin Humble 2nd

Boys 4×400

Harwood, J. Scrivener, Robb, D. Gray. 5th


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