Track Results from Butler

Girls results: 7th place out of 9 teams overall points

Girls 4×100 meter relay: 2nd place

(Kassi Austin, Serena Duncan, Brittany Mitchel, and Alli Taylor)

Girls 4×200 meter relay: 3rd place

Kassi, Serena, Britney, and Alli

100m dash: Alli Taylor 2nd. , Kassi Austin 3rd

200m dash: Alli Taylor 3rd , Kassi Austin 5th

Triple Jump: Serena Duncan

Boys results: 1st out of 9 teams overall points

4×200: 3rd place (Harwood, Robb, J. Courter, and D. Gray)

1600m run: Kyle George 1st place

Shot put: Myles Becker 3rd place

Discus: Myles Becker 3rd

Long Jump: Bryant Courter 1st (new School Record) 23’ 3 ½”

Jacob Querry 2nd

Triple Jump: Bryant Courter 1st Querry 8th

High jump: Bryant Courter 1st

Pole vault: Dustin Gray 5th , J. Courter 6th

4x800m Relay: 6th (John Scrivener, R. Brown, Breckenridge, and Malone)

110 high hurdles: Jason courter 4th

100 m dash: Aaden Humble 2nd

800m run: Kyle George 2nd

4×100: 1st (Querry, B. Courter, D. Gray, and Humble)

400 m run: Humble 1st

300 m hurdles: Harwood 5th

200m dash: Humble 2nd

3200m run: Malone

4×400 m relay: 4th (Harwood, George, Robb, and D. Gray)

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