Talent Show – Fundraiser for FCCLA Nationals

Desiree Ferguson recently qualified for the FCCLA National Competition with Anti-Bullying Project.  There will be a Talent show on Monday, April 18th starting at 5 pm in the auditorium as a fundraiser to help raise funds to send her to the National FCCLA  Nationals in San Diego, California.

Desiree chose to compete in the “Advocacy” category as part of her FCCLA project.  To begin the project Desiree started a Facebook page called “Desiree’s Anti Bullying Project”. Desiree then did a service project at the Rich Hill Youth Development Center and she also made a video that is uploaded on YouTube called “Overcomer- My Bullying Story”. Desiree then took her project to regionals where she gave a presentation over her Anti-Bullying Project and received a gold medal and qualified for state.  At the state competition she received 2nd place which qualified her to compete at the national competition.

As part of the event Desiree will share her presentation with the audience.


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