Tigers Compete at Pitt State Math Relays

 Several students from RHHS participated in the Pitt State Math Relays yesterday.  With more than 1100 students competing it is a challenge to place in the top 10, however several from Rich Hill did just that.
10th Grade
Geometry (tie for 8th) Jamison Ogburn – Rich Hill
Potpourri    9th Jamison Ogburn – Rich Hill
11th Grade
Computational Math (tie for 7th) Jason Courter – Rich Hill
Functions                     (tie for 9th) Taylor Brooks – Rich Hill
Geometry                     (tie for 1st) Ryan Brown – Rich Hill
                                        (tie for 3rd) Jason Courter – Rich Hill
                                        (tie for 6th) Daniel Brown – Rich Hill
12th Grade
Geometry (tie for 7th) Destiny Hillier – Rich Hill
                     (tie for 7th) Kyle George – Rich Hill
Team Events
Trigonometry 10th place – Destiny Hillier, Kearston Baze, Taylor Brooks, Kyle George

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