State Science Olympiad Results

Rich Hill teams competed at State Science Olympiad last weekend.  Here are the results.

Lucas Breckenridge & Jason Courter:  Air Trajectory 16th

Jamie Coppage & Serena Duncan:  Anatomy and Physiology  24th

KJ Wright & Serena Duncan:  25th  Astronomy

Lucas Breckenridge and Jason Courter:  6th  Bridge Building

Chrystal Hillier & Mike Clark:  Cell Biology 24th

Daniel Brown & Mike Clark:  24th Dynamic Planet

Lucas Breckenridge & Sabin Bolser:  3rd  Electric Vehicle

Lucas Breckenridge & Matt Stark:  4th  Forensics

Lucas Breckenridge & Ryan Brown:  19th  Game On

Nate Kithcart & Jamison Ogburn:  22nd Green Generation

Lucas Breckenridge & Matt Stark:  9th  Robot Arm

Rich Hill C Team finished in 22nd place statewide.  This includes ALL schools participating statewide; there is no division for size.

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