Student Views on the Election

Mr. Morgan has had students researching the presidential candidates.  After doing their research students composed a paper in which they share their views on the election.  Here is the first in our series.

View of a Young Adult on the upcoming election

As we decide on whom to choose in this year’s election, we face a stopping and turning point.So many of Americans today face a hard judgement on who they want for their next president.We as Americans are divided in to three groups that it seems none of us can get along with.Most of us look for a president fit on Christianity, if I may say. Some of us look for a “people’s person” or also called a socialist. Then there are the others who look for a “familiar face” or someone that has already had too much power. As I write this I have almost perhaps argued with myself. Many of us humans think it’s easy to have what we want to say in our mind which seems easier than actually putting thoughts on paper. Over the years, our nominees have gotten “older” over the pass few elections. We seem so desperate to have a younger face in theWhite House, but then there is the argument on whether they have enough experience. I feel as a united country we should all stay united. If we put our name as “United States of America” and yet are not united then should we just be called “America”. See, some of this goes back to the government, on splitting up and making two parties: Republicans and Democrats. So I have come to the conclusion if we are the “United States….” and actually not on the same page, then we need to. It starts with change, most of us (Americans) do not like things changed, but rather them stay just the same. We have this attitude, “well I’m not doing that” or “I don’t like that at all”. We have come to a point in time were we are perhaps “bull-headed”. Life as in history or for a very few people today who have lived in a time where we cared for one’s neighbor, we didn’t have conflict, we didn’t have money debt, and we didn’t have so many wars…… Life as we know it now has completely changed; we have come to accept almost as what is right now is completely “normal”. We see what the world lets us see, whether that be looks, media, and or even secrets. We have if I may say, lost so much possibility of what we could become if we could just work together. We could solve being divided as not just us as a nation, but the world perhaps. We could think more of saving money than in debt, stop wars before it ever happened, and stop hunger. One thing I want to point out is that our advancements in whether it be modern living, weaponry, or simply being humans could allow for so many possibilities. In us as a whole we see something that could solve the matter/issue and so we create that solution. For instance our weather, we create technological advances of homes to withstand powerful forces. That may also be for example the White House which has had a tremendous amount work done so it can with stand a natural disaster e.t.c. We as a country hold a wide diversity of opportunities, there is so many foreigners that come in the U.S. that we let in. Even though we get so angry about that “it raises our taxes” and “they cause chaos”. Yet we still accept them in our country. Why, is the question that is asked over and over again? Yet it does look bad on our part but it still looks like we are progressing with the “work together” as I mentioned before. I have come to the conclusion that we should think of looking at us as a country rather than what race we are, ethnic background we have, and religious background. Our politicians should work with the country rather against it and rather than have labels (rich and poor). Its time we see fit that inside we are all the same. We all bleed the same color.

By Charles Foster: United States Government Class

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