A Student’s View on the Election – Dalen

I am going to be talking about this year’s election. First I would like to point out that it’s a joke, I mean who wants Hillary Clinton as a president, or Donald Trump seriously they pretty much just want to become president for bragging rights. I don’t believe that they are going to do anything that they say they will. If I had to choose a candidate that I would go vote for would be either Bernie Sanders or John Kasich. Honestly Hillary and Donald say so much about each other that they hardly want to talk about what they are going to do to make our country great. If Hillary gets elected I don’t see how anyone can trust her with all the lies she has told especially about her emails and honestly Donald would be just a terrible leader considering when we have to talk to other countries he is the one we have to trust to get us out of situations. I hope later on down the road the next candidates don’t take this as such a joke and decide to actually follow through with what they say they will do to make our country great again. I truly wish they would put someone into the candidate selection that the people can actually trust and believe that he/she can do their best and put their best effort into what they say they are going to do. All I see right now out of this year’s candidates is who can trash talk the others the best. And right now Trump might be winning because he says it’s HUGE!!! And Hillary, oh boy, don’t even get my started. Tell me if girls are always right how come she’s wrong? Oh and a liar? If Hillary became president were screwed, because she is a stone cold liar and she changes her mind way too much. I mean she opposed same sex marriage and now is all for it. At least Donald still disapproves of it. If you are going to become a candidate at least stay strong in what you believe in and don’t change it because you just want to win the votes of everyone. If that is how you feel then no one wants you to be president because you can’t stay strong in what you believe instead you let the people or the media run you. Another thing people don’t like is the fact the Trump wants to build a wall! If he wants to kick immigrants out then his wife has to go to. I don’t see a point of kicking them out; all they are going to do is find a way to get around the wall or over the wall, maybe even under the wall. If Bernie or Hillary get elected they are talking about lowering the cost of colleges or making it free. If they did that then it’s no point in even going to college because you paying for your education is what sets you apart from the people who stop after high school. Plus how are colleges supposed to stay open if students aren’t paying them tuition. Other than that it would be a decent idea to lower the cost but don’t make it free. Because if college is free it’s pretty much the same as high school. Now some people who can’t afford college and want to go that’s why it would be a great idea to lower the cost. Don’t make it dirt cheap but don’t keep it at an outrageous price that leaves most people in debt when they come out of college. I feel as if this presidential election it will be hard to pick one that you actually like and vote for them because they become more controlled by the people every day. All they do is say stuff that you want to hear because they think that’s what’s going to get them the most votes. After this election I’m hoping that an election like this never happens again because this is a total disaster. Now on the other hand not every candidate running is a complete idiot. I haven’t really heard much of anything out of John Kasich but if I had to choose one of the candidates to choose for it would be home. This year’s election made me stop and tell myself I hope there’s not another election like this when I’m able to vote, otherwise if there is I don’t want to vote.  

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