Midway Relay – Results

Boys (Allie Taylor was the only girl who attended the meet. She competed in a relay with the boys.)
Shuttle Hurdles-3rd place-Jason Courter, John Scrivener, Ryan Malone, Dustin Gray
4x1600m-3rd place-Kyle George, John Scrivener, Ryan Malone, Ryan Brown
4×100-4th place-Dustin Gray, Jacob Querry, Blaine Robb, Bryant Courter
1600 medley-4th place-Jason Courter, Anthony Harwood, Dustin Gray, Kyle George
Sprint Medley-2nd place-Allison Taylor, Jason Courter, Bryant Courter, Jacob Querry
Javelin-2nd place-Bryant Courter, Blaine Robb, Michael Clark
Triple Jump-4th place-Jacob Querry, John Scrivener, Michael Scrivener
Long Jump-1st place-Bryant Courter, Jacob Querry, Dustin Gray

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