Volleyball at McCauley

The junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams made the long trip to Joplin yesterday evening, August 30th to take on the McCauley Warriors.  JV started the evening and came from behind to win the first match.  Unfortunately they were not able to overcome McCauley leads in the next two matches and add a loss to their record.

The varsity also played McCauley to three matches but walked off with a win.  The girls will play again tomorrow evening at home against Jasper.  (09/01/16)


Tiger Football @ Lockwood

The Rich Hill Tigers made the trip to Lockwood this past Friday, August 26th for their second game of the season.

Coach Wolfe reported that the team showed some dramatic improvement in facing the #6 ranked Class 1A team in the state. The Tigers were able to drive the ball up and down the field with improved success from the previous week. Several penalties and turnovers stopped drives that were within scoring range. Rich Hill was able to get one field goal attempt off, but the kick came up a short by a few yards. The team played hard into the 4th quarter and the coaching staff was pleased with the progress the team is making each week. The final score was 0-33.




Rushing:  Taron Mumma 17 carries for 54 yards, Dalen Lewis 2 carries for 10 yards, Jacob Querry 15 rushes for 75 yards, Dusty Gray 2 rushes for 27 yards, Bryce Lewis 1 carry for 4, Wyatt Walton 3 rushes for 8 yards

Passing: Taron Mumma 5/17 for 51 yards. 4 INT, Dalen Lewis 1/1 for 17 yards

Receiving: Dillon Tourtillott 2 receptions for 21 yards, Aadin Humble 1 reception for 7 yards, Dusty Gray 2 receptions for 23 yards

Defensive Tackles:  Bryce Lewis 1, Dalen Lewis 1, Jacob Querry 11, Wyatt Walton 1, Taron Mumma 6, Anthony Harwood 3, Aadin Humble 11, Jordan Bolser 1, Dusty Gray 1, Kalen Thorp 1, Jadyn Swickhamer 2, Adam Bridgewater 3, Garrett Brooks 2, Myles Becker 6, Houston Bridgewater 6, Levi Nichols 1, Sabin Bolser 1

Interceptions: Aadin Humble 1, Myles Becker 1

The Tigers take on the Appleton City Bulldogs this Friday evening at home.  Kickoff is at 7 pm.  Future cheerleaders will be providing some halftime entertainment.

Archie Tournament

The Lady Tigers had the opportunity to participate in the Archie Tournament this past Saturday.

In the first game of the day against Butler, Rich Hill struggled to get things to go their way and lost two games (18-25 and 14-25). They were able to improve their play as the day went on. Serena Duncan and Montana Stangel led the team in serving, Kylann Tourtillott led in kills with 4, and Allie Schmitt led in passing percentage.
The next game was played against Drexel. Although the Tigers lost the momentum at the end of the first game to end with a loss (21-25), they were able to turn that momentum in their favor and defeat Drexel in the second game (25-15). Kylann Tourtillott led in Serving Aces with 2, Serena Duncan led in kills with 3,  and Allie Schmitt led in passing percentage.
Taking that earned momentum with them into the next game, the Lady Tigers played hard to secure a two game victory over Hume (25-13 and 25-13). Allie Schmitt and Kylann Tourtillott led the team in Serving Aces with 4 a piece, Serena Duncan led in kills with 4, and Jozelynn West led in passing percentage.

With the wins against Drexel and Hume, the Lady Tigers secured a spot in the championship bracket. In their first game of the bracket, Rich Hill faced KC Lutheran. After a tough loss to them just a few days ago, the Tigers were ready for a second chance. Although they didn’t win (13-25 and 16-25), Rich Hill played a much better game this time around against a strong KC Lutheran team. Kylann Tourtillott led the team in both Serving Aces with 2 and kills with 3. Allie Schmitt had the highest passing percentage of the game.

Overall, the Rich Hill Tigers had a pretty good day at the Archie Tournament. Fans got to see some great volleyball being played!

Volleyball Home Opener

The Varsity Lady Tigers fell to KC Lutheran in the home opener in two games (12-25 and 6-25). Kylann Tourtillott led the team in kills with two on the night. Serena Duncan and Kylann Tourtillott led in Ace Serves with one a piece. Allie Schmitt and Serena Duncan led the team in passing percentage.
The JV Lady Tigers played three sets against KC Lutheran, but ended the night with a loss. They won the first set 25-23, lost the second set 19-25, and lost the final set 18-25.

Tiger Football vs. Lincoln

The Rich Hill Tigers took the field this past Friday evening for their first home game of the season against the Lincoln Cardinals.  Coach Wolfe said, “We faced the challenge of starting the season with the #4 team in Class 1A football. Our kids came out and took the first drive down the field for a score. We then intercepted them on their first possession. It was a great start to the game for us.”  However after the positive beginning moments the Tigers struggled to keep up with the Cardinals.  The game was called at half time due to inclement weather with a final score of 3-52.

Rich Hill scored 3 points on a 20 yard field goal by Myles Becker.



Aadin Humble had 2 carries for -8 yards

Jacob Querry had 8 carries for 9 yards

Myles Becker had 1 carry for 4 yards.

Passing: Taron Mumma was 3 – 12

Passing Yds.: Taron Mumma had 73 yards and 2 interceptions




Receiving: Dillon Tourtillott had 1 catch for 28 yards

Aadin Humble had 1 catch for 42 yards /

Dalen Lewis had 1 catch for 3 yards

Defensive Tackles:

Dalen Lewis – 1

Jacob Querry – 3

Taron Mumma – 1

Anthony Harwood – 1

Aadin Humble – 3

Jordan Bolser – 1

Dusty Gray – 2

Kalen Thorp – 1

Brendan Ephland – 2

Bailey Miller – 1

Adam Bridgewater – 1

Myles Becker – 3

Houston Bridgewater – 4

Fumble Recoveries:

Taron Mumma had 1 recovery


Aadin Humble had 1 interception returned for 4 yards

The Junior Varsity squad traveled to Lincoln on Monday evening and walked off with a 14-14 tie.

The Tigers travel to Lockwood Friday, August 26th with a 7:00 pm gametime.


Volleyball Season Opener

Varsity girls beat the Miami Eagles in the first match of the season in two games. They won the first set 25-21 and the second set 25-16. Allie Schmitt led in kills with 6 kills on the night. Jozelynn West and Kinady Fischer led in Ace Serves with 4 each. Serena Duncan and Katie Malone led in blocks with 1 a piece. Serena Duncan ended the night with the highest passing percentage.
JV girls played hard to secure a win in two sets as well. They won the first set 25-17 and the second 25-19.The Rich Hill Varsity and JV teams started their season last night playing the Miami Eagles on the Miami home court 

  The girls will be playing again this Thursday evening in their home opener against K.C. Lutheran.