Tiger Football vs. Lincoln

The Rich Hill Tigers took the field this past Friday evening for their first home game of the season against the Lincoln Cardinals.  Coach Wolfe said, “We faced the challenge of starting the season with the #4 team in Class 1A football. Our kids came out and took the first drive down the field for a score. We then intercepted them on their first possession. It was a great start to the game for us.”  However after the positive beginning moments the Tigers struggled to keep up with the Cardinals.  The game was called at half time due to inclement weather with a final score of 3-52.

Rich Hill scored 3 points on a 20 yard field goal by Myles Becker.



Aadin Humble had 2 carries for -8 yards

Jacob Querry had 8 carries for 9 yards

Myles Becker had 1 carry for 4 yards.

Passing: Taron Mumma was 3 – 12

Passing Yds.: Taron Mumma had 73 yards and 2 interceptions




Receiving: Dillon Tourtillott had 1 catch for 28 yards

Aadin Humble had 1 catch for 42 yards /

Dalen Lewis had 1 catch for 3 yards

Defensive Tackles:

Dalen Lewis – 1

Jacob Querry – 3

Taron Mumma – 1

Anthony Harwood – 1

Aadin Humble – 3

Jordan Bolser – 1

Dusty Gray – 2

Kalen Thorp – 1

Brendan Ephland – 2

Bailey Miller – 1

Adam Bridgewater – 1

Myles Becker – 3

Houston Bridgewater – 4

Fumble Recoveries:

Taron Mumma had 1 recovery


Aadin Humble had 1 interception returned for 4 yards

The Junior Varsity squad traveled to Lincoln on Monday evening and walked off with a 14-14 tie.

The Tigers travel to Lockwood Friday, August 26th with a 7:00 pm gametime.


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