JH Volleyball

The junior high girls will finally take the floor Thursday evening in their first game of the season at home against Osceola.  Game time is 5:30 pm.  After this first game they will have the opportunity for a full day of volleyball on Saturday, September 17th when they play in the Rich Hill Volleyball Tournament.

Teams will compete against others in their pool for placement in the tournament that will begin at 1:00 pm.

Pool A                              Pool B

  1.  Rich Hill           1.  Midway
  2. Butler                 2.  Clinton
  3. Lakeland           3.  Appleton City
  4. Adrian                4.  Osceola


8:00 am Rich  Hill vs. Butler

9:00 Lake vs. Adrian

9:45 Midway vs. Appleton City

10:30 Clinton vs. Osceola

11:15 Rich Hill vs. Adrian

12:00 pm Butler vs. Lakeland


8:00 am Midway vs. Clinton

9:00 Appleton City vs. Osceola

9:45 Rich Hill vs. Lakeland

10:30 Butler vs. Adrian

11:15 Midway vs. Osceola

12:00 pm Appleton City vs. Clinton

Games will be allowed to play ahead of schedule after the 8:00 am starting time.  Top team for A Pool will play 2nd team from Pool B in the Dome.  Top team from B Pool will play 2nd team from Pool A in the Gym.  The championship game will be in the dome.

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