Learning to Sew!

A group of 7th grade students enrolled in Mrs. Stevener’s Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) class have spent the first part of the school year learning to sew. Students started with learning the basic parts of the sewing machine and worked their way up to completing a pillow independently.


The students definitely had a lot to say about their pillows! When asked about her project, Lexi Fuqua said, “Making my pillow was a fun learning experience.” Conar Wyatt noted that he learned more than just how to sew during this unit. Instead of being defeated by his mistakes, Conar turned them into learning experiences. When asked what his favorite part of the project was, Conar said, “My favorite part was actually when I messed up and learned how to use a seam ripper!”


The sewing unit is one of Mrs. Stevener’s favorite things to teach. “It is truly amazing to watch the students develop and fine tune their skills. Most of them came into the classroom not knowing how to use a machine at all, but they were dedicated and left with a finished project in only a few short weeks. It was so much fun for me as the teacher to have a room full of blossoming students, singing along to the song on the radio while working diligently at their sewing station. Throughout this project I saw the students develop not only sewing skills (which were impressive), but also confidence, teamwork, and creativity.”


Needless to say, nap time will be much more special with a handmade pillow of their very own. Way to go, 7th graders! Enjoy your pillows, and get ready to cook!

The students who completed a pillow are: Tisha Mackey, Lexi Fuqua, Conar Wyatt, Angie Counterman, Damion Wolf, and Levi George. Not pictured: Lakyn Querry


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