Homecoming Festivities

https://s3.amazonaws.com/embed.animoto.com/play.html?w=swf/production/vp1&e=1474315990&f=hH5qmnrK05otZBiw0dvT0w&d=0&m=a&r=360p&volume=100&start_res=360p&i=m&asset_domain=s3-p.animoto.com&animoto_domain=animoto.com&options=” target=”_blank”>screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-3-10-50-pm

A short video showing some of the fun from last week’s Homecoming festivities.  Threats of rain on Friday didn’t stop the classes from spending the morning putting together floats for the parade.  A shower towards the ends of the parade forced it to conclude pretty quickly and then students gathered for a pep assembly.

Candidates for royalty had the opportunity to participate in a few contests which included an eating contest for the boys and a game of “fluffy bunny” for the girls among others.

The week concluded with the crowning of senior Serena Duncan as Homecoming Queen and 8th grader Abby Gayman as Homecoming Princess.

Most importantly, the Tiger Football squad walked off the field Friday evening with a win over the Osceola Indians.  More details on the game to follow.

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