Volleyball Coach’s Report

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at Sheldon

The Lady Tigers traveled to Sheldon for the first game of the week. The Varsity Tigers led off the night with a solid victory over the Sheldon Panthers in two sets (25-16 and 25-11). Kylann Tourtillott led the team in Ace Serves with a total of 10 on the night.  Katie Malone had a great night at the net with 5 kills and Allie Schmitt ended the night with the highest passing percentage and 3 great digs.
The JV girls took the floor next to defeat the Panthers in two sets as well (25-19 and 25-22). Brittany Mitchell led the team with 3 Ace Serves, 2 kills, and the highest passing percentage of the night.  Miranda Petty ended the night with a good passing percentage and one really amazing dig!
Thursday, September 15, 2016 vs. Osceola
On Thursday, September 15, 2016, the Rich Hill Tigers hosted the Osceola Indians. Leading off the night, the JV Girls played really well and gave Osceola a run for victory.  Despite great teamwork and effort, the Lady Tigers lost to the Indians in two sets (26-28 and 19-25).   Brittany Mitchell, Krissy Miller, and Mackenzie Wheatley each served two Ace Serves on the night.  Miranda Petty led the team with the highest passing percentage and Kellie Hagge had a couple of really good digs! Krissy Miller ended the night with 3 kills. Destiny Long finished the night with 6 blocks.
In the spirit of Homecoming Week, the Varsity Girls took the floor in some throwback jerseys.  Although the girls moved well and played good defense, it was not enough to keep the Indians hitters at bay and lost in two sets (12-25 and 15-25).  They may not have won the games, but the Lady Tigers never gave up!  Montana Stangel and Jozelynn West finished the night with the highest Serving Percentages. Allie Schmitt had the highest passing percentage on the team.  Jozelynn West earned 5 digs on the night and Serena Duncan led the team with 4 blocks.

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