Mr. Abend’s keyboarding and computer apps class will begin their Cyber Safety unit this week.  Here’s an example lesson and something to watch and discuss at home.

Cyberbullying: E-volve
Students make choices about what to do if they or their friends are cyberbullied. They are encouraged to “evolve” into an “Upstander” – someone who takes action to stop cyberbullying, rather than standing by.
Students will:
  • compare different forms of cyberbullying and the roles of those involved.
  • interpret scenarios that illustrate how targets of cyberbullying feel.
  • identify ways to be an “Upstander” when cyberbullying occurs.screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-34-36-am

WEMO All-Conference Football

2016 All-Conference football award recipients we released yesterday and several Rich Hill players were recognized


Aadin Humble – 1st Team Wide Receiver

Taron Mumma – 3rd Team Quarterback

Jacob Querry – 3rd Team All Purpose Back

Jordan Bolser – 3rd Team Wide Receiver

Houston Bridgewater -1st Team Defensive End

Aadin Humble 2nd Team Defensive Back

Jacob Querry 2nd Team Defensive Back

Myles Becker -3rd Team Defensive End

Dalen Lewis – 3rd Team Defensive Back

“Pajammin for Gannon”

Rich Hill High School Student Council is participating the 3rd annual “Pajammin for Gannon” on Wednesday November 2, 2016.  This is a fundraiser to help local families who have children who are fighting cancer.  Several schools in the conference will be participating in this fundraising event.

All students K-12 can wear pajamas for a $1 donation.
All students 7-12 can wear a hat for $1 donation.
All teachers can wear jeans for a $5 donation.


WEMO All-Conference Band

The Rich Hill High School Band members will be performing in the WEMO All-Conference Band this Saturday. These students were ranked by a point system that rates students from all of the competing districts based on their accomplishments, participation, and leadership in band. Their rank is then compared, and chair placements are set. All six of the members were rated well among the conference.
From left to right in the picture:
Hanna Mckinley received 7th chair flute
Mary Meyers received 2nd chair flute
Mackenzie Wheatley received 2nd chair alto saxophone
Back Row:
Dakota Ferguson received 3rd chair trombone
Dillon Tourtillott received 9th chair alto saxophone
Destiny Long received 13th chair in percussion
Out of Rich Hill, Archie, Adrian, Osceola, Lakeland, Midway, Drexel, and Appleton City’s band programs, these students are ranked very high in the conference. Congratulations Rich Hill band members!