Football Season Comes to a Close

Playoffs: Rich Hill vs Midway @ Midway 10/21/16

One player has the game of a lifetime, despite a team loss.

The playoffs gives every team a clean slate. It’s win or go home time. The visiting Rich Hill Tigers entered the contest with an overall record of 1-8. The home team Midway Vikings with a reversed record of 8-1. The two teams had battled 3 weeks earlier with the Vikings winning 44-21. “This is a team that, even though they won, we had some good success against by throwing the football a few weeks ago”, said Coach Wolfe.

Rich Hill won the toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff. Starting on their own 19 yard line, the Tigers came out on fire and drove down the field. A mix of pass and run advanced the ball all the way to the Viking 7 yard line. Unfortunately, on a second down pass, the ball was intercepted in the end zone. Midway got the ball on the 20 and after a long drive punched it into the end zone. The extra point attempt was blocked by Jamison Ogburn. The Vikings led 6-0, but that lead would be short lived. On the kickoff, Aadin Humble took the ball, on the move, at the 22 yard line and ran untouched for a 78 yard touchdown! Coach Wolfe said, “It was a fantastic return. The way he turned on the jets and hit the hole was awesome. Once he got past the first wave of tacklers, there was no one that was going to catch him.” The 2 point try was no good and the score was tied up at 6 all.

Midway got a nice return, almost to midfield, and after a few plays the quarter ended with the score tied at 6. A few minutes into the second quarter the Vikings had driven the short field and ran the ball in for a second score. The try for 2 was good and tally was now 14-6 Vikings. An onside type kick was recovered by the Tigers at the 40, giving them good field position to start the next possession with.

Another blend of pass and run advanced the ball to the 36 yard line of Midway. Taron Mumma then hooked up with Aadin Humble on a 34 yard “GO” route down the sideline to the 2 yard line. “Aadin made a beautiful, over the shoulder, catch,” Coach Wolfe exclaimed. On third and goal from the 2, Aadin’s number was called again and behind the left side of the offensive line, and a Jacob Querry lead block, he muscled his way to pay dirt and 6 more points. The try for 2 was no good and the score was now 14-12 in Midway’s favor. The Vikings responded with another drive that resulted in a touch down and 2 point conversion. The score increased to 22-12. With 4:30 seconds left in the half, and a 10 point lead, Midway onside kicked again. This time they recovered it. “Our players in the area where the ball was kicked moved to make a play on the ball, but the Midway players came up with it. They were really worried about our offense’s ability to move the ball on them to do that,” said Coach Wolfe. The onside paid off as the Vikings were able to score on the extra possession and advanced their lead up 8 more points to 30-12. The Tigers handled the next kickoff, but the offense was unable to get things going and had to punt for the first time of the night. Several plays into the ensuing drive Midway threw an interception, caught by Aadin. Several plays later Rich Hill returned the favor and the Vikings had the ball. A few plays later they had scored again. Halftime score was 36-12.

The second half started with Rich Hill kicking off. The defense stopped them without making a first down and forced the punt. The tigers also had to punt after getting the ball. The Vikings drove down to the Tiger 20. There a mishandled toss on a sweep left the ball rolling backward. Aadin Humble was on a blitz and executed a perfect scoop on the 29 yard line and sprinted 71 yards for his third score of the night. The try was no good and the score was now 36-18, Vikings. A long pass on the next Midway possession resulted in a score. The 2 point conversion was good and the score now stood at 44 – 18. After a few plays on the following drive the Tigers threw their third interception of the night on a deep pass intended for Dalen Lewis. Midway turned the ball over on downs. This went back and forth a few times between the two teams, until Aadin caught a pass from Taron on the sideline and out raced the defenders for a 59 yard touchdown. The score was now 44-24, tilted in Midway’s favor. This would be the final score of the game. Rich Hill recovered a late fumble, but was unable to capitalize on it. “Aadin had a game to remember, scoring four touchdowns, each in a different way. It’s an incredible feat. His speed is a weapon that will be sorely missed next season,” lamented Coach Wolfe.


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