Science Olympiad

If you think that all teenagers sleep late on Saturday mornings, you would wrong.  Students competing on the Science Olympiad teams get up very early to board buses and head to competition.  Rich Hill has a B teams made up of students in 7, 8, and 9th grade and a  C team of students in grades 9-12.  Both groups will be heading to Warrensburg again this Saturday for another competition.
Last weekend C Teams members Cedric Clark and Crystal Hillier placed 10th in Geohydrology, Ryan Brown placed 9th in Rocks & Minerals, Daniel Brown and Jason Courter placed 9th in robotic arm.
The previous weekend B team members  placed first in experimental design-Cierra Backes & Montana Stangel, and first  in Write it Do it-Abby Gayman and Miranda Petty. and 3rd place in Rocks & Minerals went Sara Coots & Miranda Petty


Great Job and Good Luck this weekend!20170125_142253


Experimental Design – Sarah Coots, Montana Stangel, and Ciarra Backes


Rocks and Minerals – Sarah Coots and Miranda Petty


Write It Do It – Miranda Petty and Abby Gayman

Non Newtonian Fluid

Ninth grade physical science students recently made some non Newtonian fluid.  Wikipedia states that a non Newtonian fluid ” is a fluid with properties that are different in any way from those of Newtonian fluids. Most commonly, the viscosity (the measure of a fluid’s ability to resist gradual deformation by shear or tensile stresses) ofnonNewtonian fluids is dependent on shear rate or shear rate history.”