Girl’s Basketball at KC Lutheran

Wednesday evening the Lady Tigers traveled to Kansas City to play KC Lutheran. The Lady Tigers were hoping to halt a two game slide. As in the  previous two losses the Tigers came out a little sluggish and turned the ball over more than they would have like and  never were able to get into a good rhythm and shots just never seem to fall. At the end of one the Lady Tigers trailed 6-11. The ladies broke the zone and went man to man and were able to slow down the three point shooting of their opponents but gave up several second chance scoring opportunities and were behind 12-23 at the half. The second half saw the girls pick up the intensity but again the ball never seemed to drop for them and continued until the end of the game with Lutheran winning 49-27. Even though the last three games have not went the way they had hoped the girls are still up beat and hope to turn it around next week in the Appleton City Tournament.

Scoring for the Lady Tigers:
Taylor Brooks  9
Taylor Coonce  6
Kearston Baze  4
Serena Duncan 3
Jen Doty          3
Katie Malone    2

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