Heading to the Championship!

Both of the varsity teams got a win in the second round of the Appleton City Tournament last week and will be playing for the championship this Saturday night.  The final games of the tournament were rescheduled due to the weather.
In the second round of the Appleton City tournament the Lady Tiger faced the Lady Hume Hornets for the second time this year. The Tigers found the first quarter a little rough going and couldn’t seem to get their offense in stride and with tough defense from the Lady Hornets, Hume lead after the first quarter 8-7. The offense finally started to click in the second frame. The Lady Tigers picked up the defensive pressure and attacked the basket causing the Hornets to get into foul trouble and were able to take the lead at the half 25-20. In the 3rd frame the Tigers continued to inch slowly away from Hume bye aggressively attacking the rim and getting more than their share of offensive rebound and increased their lead to 36-27. In the fourth quarter  the Tigers maintained pressure on the ball and were able to increase their lead to twenty points during a short period and then cleared the bench and won the game 54-37. The Lady Tigers were able to play good team ball and worked the boards on both ends of the floor. After a slow start to the game the offense got on track and with several assist the game saw several players get into the scorebook. With the victory the Tigers will move into the Championship game this coming Saturday night January 21st against the Lady Blue Jays from Montrose. This will be second meeting of these two teams in the last three years in the Championship game. The next game for the Lady Tigers will be on Tuesday night on the road against the Lady Whirlwind in Archie.
Scoring against Hume:
Taylor Brooks 16
Jennifer Doty  12
Taylor Coonce 11
Katie Malone    6
Kylann Tourtillott 6
Kearston Baze  3
The Rich Hill boys defeated the Montrose Blue Jays in the second round with a final score of 52-48.  Scoring for the boys were:
Aadin Humble – 23
Alec Gray – 16
Jacob Querry – 4
Houston Bridgewater – 3
Wyatt Hammett -2
Dalton Smarr -2

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