Another Championship at AC for the Varsity Girls

The Lady Tigers were coming off a good a win at home against the Appleton City Lady Bulldogs on Friday night and were ready to travel to Appleton City for the Championship game of their tournament. The tournament had been postponed for a week due to the impending ice storm predicted for the week before. The Tigers were to face the Montrose Bluejays for the second time in 3 years. Both teams had had a busy week of games so neither was going to be playing at any advantage. The Tigers were coming into the game with victories over Chilhowee and Hume and Montrose had advanced with victories over Calhoun and NEVC. Both teams had brought lots of fans so in the early going the volume was deafening. The Bluejays came out and hit several threes but the Lady Tigers never got rattled and continued to run a patient offense. Both teams seemed to have a good game plan in place and at the end of one the Lady Tigers led the game 12-11. In the second quarter the Lady Tigers switched defense to control the three point line and seemed to help and at the end of the first half Rich Hill held a slim 22-16 lead. Adjustments were made at the half defensively and the offense continued to pound the ball inside with good results and were leading 36-21 at he end of three. The Lady Tigers knew with the Bluejays ability to shoot the 3 they continued to play hard defense to the end trying to make sure their opponents never got back into the game. The Lady Tigers won the game 52-29. With win the Lady Tigers improved to 10-6 for the season. With this victory the Tigers were able to win a fifth straight title in this tournament.The Seniors this year were able to accomplish an undefeated record in this tournament with a 12-0 record. The Tigers have very little time to enjoy this victory because the travel to the Archie Tournament to take on the Drexel Bobcats on Monday night at 4:30 The Lady Tigers are seeded 5th and the Bobcats are seeded 4th.

Scoring in the Championship Game:
Taylor Brooks 14
Kylann Tourtillottts 14
Jennifer Doty 12
Taylor Coonce 8
Delta Johnson 2


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