Wanted: Art Supplies


To the parents of Art Students,

As we are nearing the middle of third quarter, we are in need of a few supplies.   The students can get 15 extra credit points for bringing in 3 of the purchased supplies below. The items with the (*) are what we are needing the most. Please make sure students write their name on the item to be sure they get their points.

The things we are in need of are listed below for extra credit:

  1. Package of colored sharpies fine or med point *
  2. Package of at least 2 black sharpies*
  3. Package of white erasers (NOT pencil top erasers) *
  4. Tin foil
  5. Large gallon Ziploc baggies – off brand
  6. Package of pencils*
  7. Masking tape or blue painters tape
  8. Clear scotch tape
  9. Drawing Pencils from the craft section at Walmart
  10. Tortillons (blenders) from the craft section at Walmart
  11. Acrylic Paint any colors including metallics in the craft section at Walmart (small or medium sized bottles)

There are a few items that we could use throughout the year as well, that can be collected at home are: (Please make sure these items are washed before donating)- not for extra credit

  1. Baby Food Jars or other small glass jars
  2. Plastic lids from ice cream tubs, margarine containers, sour cream containers, etc.
  3. Ice cream buckets
  4. Plastic utensils or old metal silverware that you don’t want anymore(no knives)
  5. Large Paper or Styrofoam Plates
  6. Tools that aren’t wanted anymore (screw drivers, hammers, nails, etc)


Breakable items or tools can be given to either office in a bag labeled, “ Art Room”, other items can be brought by the students or also given to the office.  Thank you so much for your continued support of our program!    

Sincerely, Mrs. Bell

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