End of Season for Varsity Girls

In the second round of the 2C District 13 Basketball playoff, the Lady Tiger had their season come to an end against the Lady Blackhawks for Adrian. I would be the second time the teams had met in the last five days. The Lady Blackhawks came into the contest as the number one seed and the Lady Tigers as the number five seed. The Lady Tigers came into the game with the attitude they had nothing to lose and would give the Adrian team a run for their money. In the first quarter both offenses were able to work the ball for good shots and score early and after one the Tigers found themselves very much a part  of the game trailing only by one with the score 13-14. In the second quarter the Tigers cooled off a little and Adrian was able to put a little more distance between the two teams and at the half it was the Lady Tigers 22 Lady Blackhawks 32. In the second half despite their best efforts the Tigers had trouble matching the speed and shooting of the Adrian team and in the end the final was Adrian 63 Rich Hill 30. The Lady Tigers finished their season 14-13 with a 3-4 record in the WEMO Conference.

Scoring for the Lady Tigers:
Taylor Brooks  10
Taylor Coonce   8
Kylann Tourtillott 6
Jennifer Doty 4
Serena Duncan 2
As the season has ended the Coaching staff would like to say thanks to all of their players who spent so much time in dedicating to the team and team mates . They would like to thank all of the parents for encouraging their student, traveling to their games and providing them with finance to participate. They would like to thank the other teachers for their support of the student athlete. The administration for providing the equipment and resources to play the game. To all those that a connection in preparing the facilities to be ready for contest.To the school board who makes the sport available to them. And to the fans who are there to support the teams of Rich Hill. Thank you again for all your help to support the Rich Hill High School Girls Basketball  team for the 2016-2017 season

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